REVIEW the most popular budget lightweight stroller Summer 3Dlite.

Many parents have fallen in love with the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, and you can find thousands of positive reviews about this stroller all over the Internet.

We wondered why this was so and we decided to do our own review on it. Let’s take a closer look at this stroller.


It can most comfortably accommodate a baby aged 1.5 to 3 years. The back is rather short (18 inches) so it is hardly suitable for tall children or older. The back has 4 inclined positions. It is 25, 45, 55 and 60 degrees from the vertical. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable position for you.

To tilt the seat, you need to squeeze the two handles behind the back of the seat. For colder days, there is a ventilated upper (but no mesh) with a fabric cover.

The seat is equipped with an adjustable 5-point seat belt. I like that the shoulder straps have soft covers, as well as the crotch strap too. Also, this lightweight stroller has a canopy with 1 panel and a folding sun visor that protects the baby’s head from UVA and UVB rays, but it could have been done a little more.


The vast majority of parents who used this stroller were satisfied with the handles of these strollers. It has two separate handles with foam padding. The height of the handles is not adjustable, it is only 42 ″ from the ground, which is most convenient for middle and high parents (from 5’5 ″ to 6’3 ″).


Also, this lightweight stroller has a canopy with 1 panel and a folding sun visor that protects the baby’s head from UVA and UVB rays, but it could have been done a little more.

Wheels & Suspension

The 3DLite Convenience summer stroller has 4 twin wheels. They are quite small (6 ″) and made of EVA foam, so they are hardly suitable for walking on the road or in general for any type of rough terrain.

They work best on flat and hard surfaces such as sidewalks, asphalt, tiles or bricks. The front wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees, you can also lock them when driving on rough terrain. In addition, shockproof suspension is integrated into the front wheels, which slightly softens the movement.


There are two brake pedals and they are pretty tough. Each rear wheel is locked separately, which in my opinion is not very convenient, but you can quickly get used to it.

Storage Basket

It has a rather large storage basket, which is located below the seat. It easily fits a medium-sized diaper bag.

Access to the basket is quite easy from the back, but only when the back is in the highest position. When the seat leans back, access to it, unfortunately, is completely blocked. There is also an extra storage pocket so parents can keep everything they need on hand. It is located on the cover for the ventilated top of the seat. It is large enough to accommodate a wallet, mobile phone, keys or even snacks.

Another advantage is the included cup holder, which you can remove and attach anywhere in the frame – for your water bottle or nipples for the baby.

Size, weight

This stroller is not very large, so it is quite easy to maneuver in crowds, narrow corners and bottlenecks. Moreover, it weighs only about 13 pounds, so it is very easy to lift it to the trunk or lift and lower it on the stairs.
Summer baby stroller is quite compact in size when folded.   Its folded dimensions are: 42″ L x 10.25″ W x 9″ H so it’s really easy to store.

Folding and transporting.

Folding takes place in three stages: you need to raise the rear handle, then push the liver with your foot and roll up the stroller. According to the parents, this is pretty simple, but sometimes you need a few attempts to get it right. I think this is also a matter of practice.

There is an automatic lock and a carrying strap so you can conveniently carry a stroller on your shoulder. This is very useful when your baby wants to walk and only occasionally needs rest. When not in use, you can carry it with little effort. This compact carrying strap is also convenient for parents who often use public transport.

Total. Pros and cons


+Deep recline

+ Good maneuverability through narrow and crowded places (only on flat terrain)

+ Included removable cup holder

+ Useful pocket on the back of the stroller

+ Padded harness

+ Compact fold

+ Very lightweight and portable – you can carry it on a shoulder effortlessly

+ Good quality

+ Pocket-friendly price


 Works poorly on uneven terrain

 Reclining requires using two hands

 Canopy doesn’t give much shade from the sun and lacks peek-a-boo window

 Reclined seat blocks the access to the storage basket

 Less comfortable for kids over 3 years and tall toddlers

This stroller has been a bestseller and has over 2,000 customer reviews on Amazon. Yes that’s right. FOR TWO THOUSANDS! This is unbelievable. If you want to read some reviews or check the current rating yourself, just click here.

The biggest advantage of 3DLite Convenience Stroller according to hundreds of parents is its amazing, lightweight design. The stroller is very easy to carry, and it does not take up much space when folded. According to some parents, folding is very simple, while others say it requires some practice.

Another feature that parents love: high pens – ideal for medium and high parents, but also quite comfortable for small people; deep tilt (can be used to change the diaper), a convenient storage pocket on the back of the stroller and the included cup holder, which can be attached to the frame higher or lower (for parents or a child). Pressing and steering are more convenient and easier with both hands.

According to many customers, this is a great lightweight stroller for traveling and ideal for short walks. Many parents use it for trips to amusement parks.

In general, most parents recommend this stroller, especially for occasional use: while on vacation or traveling to Disneyland, completing errands, etc. Dozens of buyers emphasize that this is good quality at an extremely low price.