Basic myths about abortion

Basic myths about abortion

Abortion is a taboo topic, which until recently was not even mentioned in society.

It has led to the fact that women still believe in myths about abortion, which have no basis.

Abortion leads to breast cancer

Scientists have found no connection between abortion and infertility, abortion and ectopic pregnancy, and finally abortion and breast cancer. Of course, all such operations involve some risk, but there is no direct link between abortion and these consequences.

Most women have regrets about the abortion

Let’s take as an example the statistics of a survey conducted in 2015 by the Plos One scientific community among women who had an abortion three years ago. It turned out that 95 percent of women do not doubt the correctness of their decision.

A woman should not decide to have an abortion on her own

No one outside can make a decision for a woman, because she will have to be responsible for her choices. Life circumstances are different, and loved ones can only help a woman to see all the opportunities and ways.

Abortion is the result of irresponsibility

Surveys show that about 60% of women who decided to terminate a pregnancy used contraception.

But none of the means does not guarantee 100% protection. In addition, irregular periods, premenopause, medications and even stress can affect the probability of conception.

Not every woman can have an abortion

Of course, in each case the decision to have an abortion or carry a child is made on the basis of a set of unique factors and life circumstances.
But there is no reason to believe that some women value motherhood more, while others allegedly go easier to terminate the pregnancy. What matters is how old a woman is, under what circumstances she lives, whether she is raising other children, whether she has a husband, not her character and mythical predisposition to abortion.