Gymnastics Fifth Month

Gymnastics for newborns

Gymnastics for a child in 5 months no longer brings discomfort, since by this age the hypertonus passes. When bending and unbending limbs, turning the torso and head, the baby feels more relaxed and free to move. What is most interesting and useful at this age?

 – Lifting the handle from the prone position.
 – Bending of the legs at the knees and sliding movements of the feet on the surface in the supine position.
 – Stepping movements in an upright position with support feet on a hard surface (you need to keep the baby under the armpits).
 – “Flight” on the abdomen with the deflection of the spine (performed on weight).
 – “Flight” on the back, when the child is straining the abdominal muscles and trying to keep the body on weight (performed on weight).
 – Coup from back to stomach and back.
The baby of this age is constantly moving during wakefulness, that is, it is training, even if the mother does not perform any special exercises. It is important to motivate the child to move.

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