Charging for newborns

Gymnastics for newborns

How is gymnastics for newborns? And do you need it at all? This question should ask yourself mom, whose baby was born absolutely healthy. From the first days of life begins a difficult period of adaptation to the new environment. At this age, most of the time children sleep, and eat during breaks. In addition to maternal warmth and care, the baby needs nothing more in the first weeks of life. Therefore, one can also hear the following opinion: one should not rush either with a massage or with gymnastics. What does gymnastics for a month-old baby include? All exercises are aimed at developing balance and stabilization in the body, as well as training the muscles. There should be no active movements. All exercises are performed in the most sparing, smooth mode, without power pressure.

Exercise number 1. The kid lies on his back, his pelvis is in a free position, he should not be lifted or, on the contrary, pressed. An adult becomes from the side of the baby’s feet and bends his legs at a right angle to the pelvis. Also, the legs should be bent at a right angle at the knees. In this position, you need to fix the baby’s feet.You must ensure that the knees of the infant were in line with the shoulder joints. You should clasp the baby’s knees with your hands so that your thumbs lie on the lower leg and the inner surface of the knee joint. In this position, you need to hold the legs for 3 minutes. During this period, you need to work on your knees for 7 seconds, then reduce the impact for 10 seconds, then hold your legs together again.

Exercise number 2. This exercise trains the muscles of the back and neck, forms the skill of holding the head. Baby is lying on his stomach. The adult, who is behind, bends and wraps his arms around the shoulders of the infant. In this way helps the child to stay on elbows. This position independently mastered in about 3 months. You can slightly spread the shoulders of the baby to the side, it will lead to a reaction – the baby will begin to raise his head.

Exercise number 3. The infant is at the back, and the adult is standing to his left. You need to put a palm under the head of the baby so as to fix his head. And with the other hand, the right knee of the infant is fixed in the same way as this is done in the first exercise. Hold the baby also need for 3 minutes, with alternate exposure and relaxation. Then you need to go to the right side and do the same exercise with your left foot.

No pain during gymnastics baby should not feel. He may cry because of the unusual sensations in the body, which were unknown to him so far. These exercises are useful in enabling the body to respond to the effects. In this way, an independent training of the muscles and the formation of movement coordination take place.

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