Gymnastics Fourth Month

Gymnastics Fourth Month

Gymnastics for a child in 4 months repeats a set of previous exercises. What is especially useful for children at this age and what do they perceive with delight?


Charging for hands. The exercise “palms” well develops fine motor skills and brings a lot of positive emotions. You can perform cross movements with your hands in the form of hugs, “box”, “float” – all those exercises that were performed in the first months of life.

Charging for the legs. At this age, the baby begins to perceive all the actions of adults as a game. Interesting for the baby will be the exercise “bike”. Also, children love to “applaud” with their feet. To do this, attach the baby’s feet to each other and clap them. You can fold your legs into the “frog” position and swing the baby, reach down with your toes, etc. You can also stretch in this way: you need to pull your right arm and left leg towards each other, then change your arm and leg.

Exercises for the abs. Children of this age are already trying to pull themselves up on their hands if they put their thumbs in their palms. During the day, you can arrange for the baby several times such lifts that train the abdominal muscles, as well as the back, arms and neck well.

At this age, all movements become more energetic and intense. The child from the passive observer gradually turns into an active participant in the process.

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