Features of gymnastics in the second half of the year of life

Gymnastics for newborns

Gymnastics for children under one year is divided into two stages: passive and active. After 6 months, active gymnastics begins, when the child already understands a lot (especially by the end of the first year of life) and can perform a number of exercises independently, in a playful way.

Encouraging crawling. Well, if the baby is in no hurry to rise to the upright position. It takes time to strengthen and form the muscles of the back. As before, crawling can be stimulated with new toys, bright objects. From the position on all fours, the baby will eventually try to rise to its feet.

Strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen. You can put the baby on your lap with your belly down, so that your head, chest and shoulders sag. From this position, you need to ask the baby to pick up the toy from the floor. This task can be given when the child lies in the same position only on the back. The child will sag, make the bridge, and then rise to its original position.

Sport equipment. The older the baby gets, the more skills of large motor skills it has. In the exercises you can already use the available tools and sports equipment: jump ropes, balls, hoops, pins. Read about the fitball for babies in our other article.

Skill walk. After about 10-11 months (for someone it happens earlier, for someone later), the children stand on their own, try to stand without support and take the first steps, holding the hand of their mother or father. At this age, you can already encourage the desire of the baby to walk, squat, stand up.

By the end of the first year of life, children love to copy the actions of adults. Therefore, the exercises can be done together. The kid will eagerly squat, make bends to the sides, raise his hands up, throw the ball, bend over the toy, get on his toes, repeating the movements behind his mother.

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