Gymnastics Sixth Month

Gymnastics Sixth Month

Sixth month

Gymnastics for children in 6 months is aimed at the gradual formation of the skill of sitting and crawling. At this age and later, the baby may make the first attempts to get up on all fours. And we need to encourage him to take this particular position in every possible way. If the baby is not sitting at this age – this is normal. Do not sit down too often and force the development of motor skills.

Raising the body. The exercise is performed from a prone position on the stomach. It is necessary to lift the handles of the child, dilute it to the side and slightly pull the body towards you. In this position, the baby holds the head well, tries to kneel. If the exercise does not work, the child is uncomfortable, do not repeat it. Need to come back to him later.

Crawling skill. This skill is laid by nature, it does not need to be specially developed. But it is possible to push a baby to crawl, motivating him with new toys, attractive, bright household objects, etc. When the baby is lying on his stomach, you can put a bright toy in front of him. It will be a good incentive to move forward in a great way. You can also help a little baby, stimulating the legs to move. To do this, alternately bend them at the knees.

Fine motor skills. Gymnastics for kids of this age develops not only large, but also fine motor skills. It is important to do finger gymnastics and massage the palms, while telling the rituals. Finger games like all children, in addition, stimulate the brain. During the breeding of hands to the side, you can put toys in the form of rings in the palm of a child.

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