Gymnastics Third Month

Gymnastics for newborns

Gymnastics for a child in 3 months should be aimed at the formation of an important skill – turning over on the stomach. To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the neck, back and abs, to develop balance. At this age, you can spend the same gymnastics, as in 2 months. Also charging is complicated by other exercises.

Lifting from a position on the abdomen. To do this, you need to put your thumbs in the palm of the child and clasp the forearm. Then you need to carefully lift the crumb, as if sitting down, then lower it to its original position. You can perform 3-4 lifting.

Turns on the abdomen with hands. The baby is lying on its back. You need to take it by one hand and move it through the body in the opposite direction. Then the same movement must be repeated with the other hand. Reflexively the body of the baby will reach for the hand. In this way, the skill of a coup from the back to the stomach is practiced.

Turns on the abdomen with the help of the legs. Baby is lying on his back. You need to bend the leg and turn it in the direction of the turn of the body, as if throwing it on the other leg. The body will reflex move in the direction of turning the leg. Also, turns on the stomach can be made from the position on the side.

Spine extension in weight. To perform this exercise, babies need to take under the belly and lift. Reflexively the baby raises his head and extends the back.

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