Gender Reveal Darts

Gender Reveal Balloon Darts
  • THE GREAT REVEAL: You only get ONE chance to reveal this big surprise! Everyone will be excitedly waiting, cameras poised, ready for that perfect blue or pink smoke cloud! If the balloon fails, the surprise is gone, forever. So that’s why we personally inspect every order before it leaves our warehouse. Perfect Memories leaves nothing to chance.
  • A PERFECT POP, EVERYTIME: Your Gender Reveal Kit has TWO thick latex balloons, not even a flashlight will reveal the contents inside! Each balloon is HUGE! In fact, you’ve probably seen our 36” inch balloons on instagram in all those stunning pics and videos. Your set comes with two darts, and when it’s time pop it’s easy. And of course, perfect!
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT POWDER: We use authentic non-toxic Holi Powder, made from plant starch and food grade coloring, able to be washed out. Not for indoor use.
  • WITH DARTS AND DOWNLOADABLE PDF GENDER REVEAL GAMES: We want your gender reveal party to be a huge success, so we’ve also included two gender surprise games in your order today, FREE. Plus, two darts so mom and dad to-be can pop together. Comes with filling instructions too.
  • A PERFECT GUARANTEE: Your order today comes with 2x of everything, so if you’re twinning – this set is the obvious choice! Your set includes Jumbo black balloons, Color powder packs in blue and pink, darts, and BONUS gender reveal games. Love surprising yourself, friends and family with a colorful bang, or we’ll refund every cent. Order Now.