Balloons Confetti Game
  • 👶 IS IT A BOY? OR A GIRL? – This game is the best way to share your big news with your loved ones! Keep your guests in suspense as each balloon pops one by one. You’ll all be counting every blue and pink confetti filled balloon to reveal whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. This unique gender reveal party game kit comes with everything you will need to ensure that this will be an interactive and memorable event.
  • 🎊 GAME SET INCLUDES – A 51” X 59” Tapestry, 12 BLACK balloons, 4 BLUE confetti filled balloons, 4 PINK confetti filled balloons, 1 dart, 1 balloon pump, 20 safety pins, and Clear and easy instructions.
  • 🏆 HOW TO SET UP – Hang the tapestry on any fence, wall or plywood board. Inflate 11 black balloons. If it’s a GIRL inflate 3 PINK confetti filled balloons and 2 BLUE confetti filled balloons. If it’s a BOY inflate 3 BLUE confetti filled balloons and 2 PINK confetti filled balloons. Whether it’s a boy or a girl you should have 16 balloons total hanging on the tapestry.
  • 👏 HOW TO PLAY – Take turns throwing the dart at the balloons. Once 3 PINK or 3 BLUE balloons are popped you will know the baby’s gender.
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