Gender Reveal Powder Cannons

Gender Reveal Powder Cannons
  • BIODEGRADEABLE CARDBOARD (NOT PLASTIC LIKE SOME OTHER BRANDS) & 100% SAFE CORNSTARCH POWDER, MULTI-COLORS IN THIS 6-PACK WITH PLENTY OF POWDER: Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue and Orange. EASY TO USE: Hand held, easy to use Color Dispenser; Just twist to pop.
  • GREAT FOR CELEBRATIONS: Baby Gender Reveals, Concerts, Color Runs, and much more!!
  • WHAT’S INSIDE: Choose either 6 PINK, 6 BLUE, or 3 PINK & 3 BLUE. Package includes SIX dispensers. Made with 100%, Biodegradable SAFE cornstarch powder. For more variety of colors, please check our other listing on Amazon, B01LWN2VP9 (add this code in your search bar browser and search)
  • BE SAFE: Recommended for Adult use only. Should only be used outdoors.
  • IMPORTANT COLOR MARKING: All dispensers are marked with colored foil on top. If you don’t want others to see color, use spray paint or marker to cover the color. USE ONCE: Each dispenser can only be used once.