Best ways to lose weight after baby

Immediately after giving birth, young mothers dream of losing weight as soon as possible and returning to their original clothing size. But it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Caring for a child leaves no time for exercise, or for the pool, or for going to the gym. Therefore, most women not only do not lose weight after childbirth, but rather, during the first year of life, the baby continues to gain excess weight.

Here are 10 main ways to lose weight after childbirth:

  1. Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. Just not in the form of cola, juice and the like. It is better to take clean water and squeeze a little lemon juice into it.
  2. Have a healthy meal: keep raisins, crackers made from coarse flour and nuts on hand. Refuse from baking and fast food, bypass the seventh McDonald’s – this is poison for you!
  3. Eat lean meats: chicken breast or lean beef.
  4. Eat whole grain bread instead of white or black.
  5. Do not pay much attention to products marked “low fat” – it is possible that they are so overloaded with calories that the extra fat in their composition is simply not needed. Read the labels carefully and meticulously.
  6. When entering a cafe, order salads. No burgers or fries!
  7. As soon as you are ready for active walks, do maternal physical education. Put on a snug or sling, take the child and walk with him, as with a natural, dear and beloved, weighting agent. Start with 10 minutes of exercise and gradually bring the time to 20 minutes. So the child, because of which you have recovered, will help you lose weight.
  8. Park the car away from home, love the stairs, despise the elevator.
  9. Breastfeeding will help you burn up to 500 kilocalories daily. The longer the baby sucks, the more intense the mom loses weight.
  10. If you can afford to pay for babysitting services, think about the gym.


Put the sport in your daily routine gradually. This is a very simple complex that you can make at home at any moment that is free for you.

  1. Start with a simple charge
    If you did not do anything other than school physical education, you do not need to take up complex exercises right away. First, you need to strengthen the body – ordinary charging will completely cope with this.
  2. Pull in your stomach
    When performing any exercise, it is very important to keep the abdomen retracted. Even when we just put our legs apart and stretch our arms. Accustom yourself, sitting on the couch, periodically retract the stomach. With this elementary exercise, you will teach yourself to remember it, and your stomach will become more elastic.
  3. Develop flexibility.
  4. Start the “plank” exercise every day.

In the process of losing weight, sleep plays a very important role. Of course, this is the hardest part. Night feeding and healthy sleep are poorly compatible. If you have already finished breastfeeding, ask your husband, ask your mother – you need to get enough sleep. They will be able to prepare a feeding mixture without your participation. Learn to trust your child with loved ones. It is very important.

Do not despair if at first you will not be able to lose weight. The body needs time to get used to the new regime. During pregnancy and feeding, your body is completely rebuilt; it now perceives food and physical activity in a different way.
Remember that since you have suffered 9 months of weight gain, then you will have to reduce it about the same time. This is if you do not go on a rigid diet, which you absolutely do not need, especially if you are breast-feeding a baby.