Giant Black XL Confetti Balloons

Gender Reveal Powder Cannons
  • 🎉ANXIETY FREE : Each cannon has a window which allows you to conveniently check the color of the contents! When it’s time for the reveal, simply cover the hole with the black stickers provided.
  • 🎉Comes with 2 Pink + 2 Blue: If you are looking for a unique and carefree gender reveal these will be a hit!
  • 🎉Improved Design: We have updated our release mechanism, making it easier to twist!
  • 🎉Natural Ingredients: We use colored cornstarch just like you would see at fun runs.
  • 🎉 How to use: Hold with bottom to ground or to the side of body. Hold top and twist base firmly. All cannons have a kick and a nice audible *pop*.