what happens at 1 weeks of pregnancy

1 and 2 weeks pregnancy

The countdown of pregnancy begins from the very first day of the last menstruation. Menstruation is periodic bleeding caused by the release of the endometrium. During this period, the woman’s body gets rid of cells that have not fulfilled reproductive function, and damaged and outdated layers of the uterus are cleaned. The whole gestation period lasts about 40 weeks, which in fact allows us to determine the approximate term of labor, relying solely on the fact of the disappearance of menstruation at one time or another.

1 and 2 weeks pregnancy

The maturation of the female egg

Before you connect with the sperm, the egg must mature. The origin of a new life will occur in about two weeks, and at this stage the maturation of the new egg begins, which will soon be ready for fertilization. At this time, the hormonal background changes under the influence of the nervous system in order to prepare the body for the bearing of the unborn child.

Feelings of a woman in the first week of pregnancy

The first week of obstetric pregnancy in women is asymptomatic, because in fact fertilization has not yet taken place. Therefore, there are no external signs or changes, except for the discomfort associated with menstruation. Slight pulling pains in the lower abdomen due to uterus contraction during menstruation are possible.

Recommendations to expectant mothers in the first weeks of pregnancy

  • Give up alcohol and smoking, because in the future it will greatly harm your child. Try to persuade your spouse to quit smoking, because passive smoking causes great harm. Among other things, try to avoid by all means companies where you smoke;
  • Refuse the procedures in which x-rays are used, because such light will have a negative impact on the development of your child;
  • Before taking any medications, be sure to contact your local doctor, because there is a fairly extensive group of drugs that will adversely affect the course of pregnancy;
  • Talk with your doctor about taking vitamins, because you need to strengthen your body and saturate it with nutrients. Vitamins will help protect your developing child from the lack of important nutrients, and all this will have a very beneficial effect on its development. Very effective modern multivitamins, which contain a balanced amount of essential nutrients;
  • Breathe more fresh air, but at the same time avoid crowded places, because there is a high risk of contracting infectious diseases. In winter, it is desirable to wear a special mask in order to avoid penetration into the respiratory tract infections, which are transmitted by airborne droplets. It is not advisable to start pets during this period, because they are often the carriers of such diseases as ornithosis or toxoplasmosis;
  • Try to avoid stressful situations, and do not succumb to provocations, because any excitement will affect the development of the nervous system of your unborn child;
  • Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet, exotic ones are especially useful, because they contain the maximum amount of vitamins. Try to exclude carbonated drinks and coffee, because they will adversely affect the health of the fetus.

Mother’s health plays a very important role for the proper development and growth of the baby, so be sure to follow the recommendations given by us above in order to minimize the risk of adverse effects on the fetus.

1 week pregnancy

Even with a very good state of health, it is not necessary to neglect a medical examination, because modern medical technologies make it possible to identify serious problems in the very early stages of pregnancy, which is very important. If the fact of pregnancy is confirmed, it is necessary to immediately register with the clinic, so that in case of any problems, immediately consult with your doctor.

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