what happens at 11 weeks of pregnancy

11 week pregnancy
Size fetus 11 weeks pregnant

Baby at 11 weeks of pregnancy

At 11 obstetric week, the baby weighs 6-8 g, and its body length is 5-6 cm. The period of active growth begins, the proportions of the body of the fetus change. The baby’s head still seems prohibitively large, and thin arms are much longer than the legs. Such proportions will persist for several more weeks.

At a period of 11 weeks, the formation of all important internal organs of the fetus is completed. In the chest the heart works by pumping blood through the vessels. The liver begins to function, the first enzymes are produced. The gallbladder starts working, the differentiation of all parts of the digestive tract continues.

In the same period, the kidneys begin to function, producing the first portions of urine. All metabolic products are excreted in the amniotic fluid, from where they will be excreted through the placenta into the mother’s blood. The differentiation of male and female genital organs continues. Modern ultrasound machines already for a period of 11-12 weeks can accurately determine the sex of the fetus.

At 11 weeks of pregnancy, the baby actively moves in the womb, occasionally touching the walls of the uterus. To feel the movement of the fetus in this period is still impossible. Track baby activity in the first trimester of pregnancy is possible only with the help of ultrasound.

11 week pregnancy
11 week pregnancy

What to expect at 11 weeks of pregnancy

At the 11th obstetric week, the hormonal level is gradually aligned. Emotional state becomes quite stable. Sharp changes of mood, laughter or crying without a reason are less and less noted. Many women at this time simply get used to their condition and learn to cope with the emerging emotions and sudden desires.

At the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, all the typical manifestations of toxicosis remain. Nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation – all this will haunt a woman for at least another 2-3 weeks. Few of the future moms at this time manage to sense a marked improvement in their condition and an increase in appetite.

At 11 weeks of pregnancy remains intolerance of pungent odors. Many women have to give up their favorite cosmetics and perfume for this period. Weakness, fatigue, drowsiness still persist. It remains only to be patient – in a few weeks it will be much easier to contact with the outside world.

Natural discharge at week 11 may decrease slightly due to the restructuring of the hormonal background. Conversely, a sharp increase in secretions from the genital tract can be a cause for concern. If the discharge is accompanied by itching, burning sensation and other unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to undergo examination by a doctor. The spotting may indicate a miscarriage and require the immediate assistance of a specialist.

The total weight gain for this period is not more than 2 kg. The outlines of the figure remain the same, and only a little the pelvis expands and the waistline is lost. Habitual clothing can be tight in the hips. At the 11th week of pregnancy, you should abandon the tight fitting pants and go to the clothes of a looser cut. Nothing should interfere with the growing tummy and squeeze the pelvic organs when carrying a child.

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