15 week pregnancy

15 week of pregnancy – relatively quiet time. During this period, the baby is actively growing, and soon the woman will be able to feel the kicks of the small legs in her tummy. What other discoveries await the future mother?

15 week pregnancy
15 week pregnancy

Fetal development

At the 15th obstetric week, the growth of the fetus is about 10 cm, and its weight is in the range from 30 to 40 g. The movements of the fetus are becoming more and more conscious and coordinated every day. At this time, the baby already knows how to move his fingers, tilt his head and make faces from time to time.

At 15 weeks of gestation, the rudiments of milk teeth are laid in the jaws of the fetus. In the same period, thin nail plates are formed on the fingers. The skin is completely covered with thin downy hair – lanugo. Subcutaneous fatty tissue is not yet developed, and blood vessels shine through the delicate skin.

At week 15, an active development of the nervous system and sense organs occurs. At this time, the baby can:

  • feel the taste of amniotic fluid;
  • swallow amniotic fluid;
  • distinguish familiar smells;
  • recognize the voices of parents and other familiar sounds.

All internal organs of the fetus work in their usual mode. The four-chamber heart pumps up to 20 liters of blood daily. The liver works by producing enzymes and synthesizing blood cells. The kidneys are connected, excreting urine into the amniotic fluid. The internal glands are gradually launched, ensuring the normal functioning of the whole organism.

Condition of a mom

At obstetric week 15, most women manage to get rid of toxicosis, drowsiness, apathy, and other unpleasant manifestations of early pregnancy. During this period, an increase in appetite, a surge of strength and a desire to live an active life. II trimester is not accidentally considered the best time for travel, work and study. At this time, you should bring all your affairs in order, so as not to be distracted by extraneous problems in late pregnancy.

A total weight gain of 15 weeks can be up to 4 kg. On average, the expectant mother is gaining from 300 to 500 g per week. It is noticed that women with an initial lack of weight compensate for this during pregnancy, while women with normal and overweight gain weight not so rapidly.

The belly at 15 weeks of gestation is slightly rounded. The waistline is smoothed, the hips increase in size, and there is a need to change the usual wardrobe. At this time, it is already possible to switch to free-cut clothing, which will not squeeze the growing tummy and interfere with the development of the fetus.

The movements of the fetus at 15 weeks are still weakly felt. Only thin, multiparative women in this period can recognize weak kicks with small legs in the stomach. Women, pregnant for the first time, will have to wait another 2-3 weeks before the baby declares itself with active movements.

Discharge at week 15 may be moderate or fairly plentiful. It does not play a special role. It is only important that the discharge be light or milky, odorless and no impurities of pus. If an itching, burning or other unpleasant sensations occur in the vagina, consult a gynecologist.

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