16 week pregnancy

16 week of pregnancy falls in the middle of the II trimester. The baby is actively growing and developing, the condition of the future mother remains stable, and nothing foretells any special changes. During this period, a woman can fully enjoy her new position. What should be expected at obstetric week 16?

16 week pregnancy
16 week pregnancy

 Fetal development

At 16 weeks, the baby weighs about 50 g, and its body length is 10-11 cm. During this period, the proportions of the body of the fetus vary noticeably. The head of the baby no longer seems disproportionately huge, and every week the child becomes more and more like a small copy of one of the parents. Facial features are also changing, eyebrows loom, compilation and nose bridge are determined. The eyes of the baby at this time most of the time remain closed.

The body of a little man in the 16th week of pregnancy is completely covered with thin downy hair – lanugo. The baby’s skin is still very delicate, and subcutaneous fat is not developed at all. Blood vessels shine through thin skin.

At 16 weeks, the baby is actively moving in the womb. Women who are not pregnant at this time can distinguish timid movements of the fetus. Some future mothers compare the sensations with the splash of water, others feel as if someone is touching the tummy from the inside. Over time, the movement of the fetus will be stronger, and in a month it will be possible to track certain rhythms of the child’s activity.

At the 16th obstetric week, the fetal voice-forming apparatus is formed. Right now, the baby is preparing to make its first cry after birth. The development of the senses continues, the taste buds are laid on the tongue. In the middle of the second trimester, the baby already distinguishes the taste of the amniotic fluid, hears the voices of the parents and recognizes them among other external sounds.

For a period of 16 weeks, the formation of the placenta is completed. Now this body is fully responsible for providing the fetus with nutrients and oxygen. The placenta protects the baby from the effects of various negative factors, prevents harmful substances and drugs from entering the fetal blood. Right now, the ban on many medicines is lifted, and the expectant mother can finally pay attention to her health.

Condition of a mom

The state of health of the pregnant woman at the 16th obstetric week remains quite good. The first trimester, with its toxicosis and constant sleepiness, has been left behind, and now the expectant mother can fully enjoy her new position. The second trimester is considered the most favorable time for any activity, be it study, work or travel. Do not miss this opportunity, because already in the third trimester, it will be much more difficult to implement any ideas.

The total weight gain by week 16 can reach 3-4 kg. With a strong previous toxicosis weight gain will not so much noticeable. Some women only in the middle of the II trimester mark the return of appetite, and with it, some weight gain.

The stomach at the 16th week of pregnancy is not noticeable. Loose tunics and any not-too-tight clothing will easily hide from others the fact of pregnancy. The uterus in this period is located in the middle of the distance between the pubic bone and the navel. During this period, it is worth forgetting about tight pants and tight belts, as well as choosing comfortable underwear that does not tighten a growing tummy.

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