18 week pregnancy

 18 week of pregnancy is the time when many women feel the first movements of the baby. This happy event is worth noting in the calendar. The date of the first movement of the fetus allows you to once again clarify the duration of this pregnancy and recalculate the date of birth. The condition of a woman during this period remains fairly stable, and nothing prevents her from fully enjoying her role and preparing for the upcoming motherhood.

18 week pregnancy
18 week pregnancy

Fetal development

18 obstetric week – a period of enhanced growth of the fetus. The baby’s body length at this time is 13–16 cm, and the weight reaches 120–140 g. The limb is fully formed in the little man, right up to the fingers and toes. The palm pattern acquires individuality and consists of various curls and multidirectional lines.

They are connected to the general work of the endocrine glands. The thymus, an important organ that synthesizes lymphocytes, functions. Thanks to the work of the thymus, the fetal immune system is improving every day. The adrenal glands are not lagging behind, producing the hormones necessary for the baby’s life. The pituitary and hypothalamus lead the parade, ensuring the smooth functioning of all the endocrine glands.

The formation of the genital organs of the fetus is completed. In girls, the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes are located in the pelvic cavity. In the ovaries follicles are laid for the rest of their lives. In boys, the testicles are still in the abdominal cavity. The external genitalia of the fetus are already formed, and with ultrasound, you can uniquely determine the sex of the child.

Condition of a woman

18 week of pregnancy – quite comfortable time for a woman. At this time, most expectant mothers feel well enough to return to their normal life. A little complicates the situation appeared heaviness in the lower back and perineum. The baby is growing, every day more and more pressing his weight on the ligaments and muscles of the pelvis. There are painful sensations in the bones of the pelvis, aggravated by walking and any sudden movements.

To alleviate the condition and relieve pain will help the following methods:

  • yoga or gymnastics for pregnant women;
  • swimming;
  • wearing an antenatal bandage;
  • balanced diet and taking multivitamins (containing calcium and magnesium).

The total weight gain at obstetric week 18 is from 3.5 to 5 kg. The rate of weight gain will depend on the initial weight and course of the first trimester of pregnancy. Severe toxicosis can lead to the fact that in the middle of the second trimester weight gain will be very small or even absent. It is also noted that initially thin women quickly gain the necessary weight even while maintaining the same nutritional habits.

The uterus in the 18th week of pregnancy is slightly below the navel. The tummy at this time is already rounded, and wearing tight clothes becomes simply impossible. To hide the rounded figure will help the tunic and dresses free cut. Breast during this period also increases significantly, and therefore, will have to think about replacing the laundry with a more comfortable option in size.

At 18 weeks of gestation, even inexperienced future mothers can sense the first movements of the fetus. The first timid movements of the baby may be slightly noticeable, and it is far from always possible to distinguish them among other sensations in the stomach. Some women compare the movement of the fetus with the bursting of small bubbles, others they resemble a splash of water or a gentle touch of a feather on the skin. Over time, the movement of the baby will become stronger, and after a few weeks they can be clearly felt at any time of the day.

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