what happens at 2 weeks of pregnancy

1 and 2 weeks pregnancy
Size fetus 2 weeks pregnant

For each and every woman, pregnancy is a very exciting event, as it gives rise to a new life. With only one cell for a certain period, a new organism is formed, which will later develop in external conditions. During this period of pregnancy, the most viable spermatozoon is determined, which, in general, will fertilize the egg cell. There will be a merger of the female and male cells and a new daughter cell will be formed, with which the fetus will actually begin.

1 and 2 weeks pregnancy

Female egg on the 2nd week

The second obstetric week of pregnancy is precisely the period when there is a rapid preparation, because the new-formed organism needs to multiply the number of cells several million times in 40-42 weeks. During this period, the egg cell is in a special shell (grapha bubble) and reliably protected from sperm penetration.

If there are several eggs in the graphus vesicle at the same time, this indicates that the woman is prone to multiple pregnancies. Multiple pregnancies according to statistics occur in 1 of 89 cases. Already at the end of the week, the egg cell will ripen and leave the vesicle that has burst with graphs to meet with the sperm cell. After rupture of the bubble in women very often begins early toxicosis.

The time of sperm activity is two days, but the possibility of fertilization is already 3-4 days, and it is during this period that the male cell must have time to fertilize the female one. If the sperm cell is inactive, then fertilization probably will not take place.

What to expect at 2 weeks of pregnancy

During this period, you may feel weak, pulling pains, usually due to the process of ovulation. This is the process when the egg comes out of the fallopian tube into the uterine cavity. In order to track the beginning of ovulation, it is necessary to measure the basal temperature.

If you want to give birth to a boy, then it is best to do it during the period of ovulation, because the male cells are very mobile, which in fact will make it possible to fertilize an egg as soon as possible. Male cells are often less viable than female cells, and therefore it is better to conceive in this case during ovulation.

In order to increase the percentage ratio of the conception of a child during the ovulation period, it is desirable:

  • conduct sexual intercourse in the “missionary position”, which significantly increases the chances of a successful conception;
  • ask your spouse immediately before the ovulation cycle to refrain from masturbation and sexual intercourse in order to accumulate a large number of active sperm;
  • if your age is over 40 years old, then it will be better to go through all the necessary medical examinations to determine the body’s ability to become pregnant;
  • if any of your relatives have pathological abnormalities, then you definitely need to undergo a genetic examination and determine your propensity for genetic diseases;
  • It is not recommended to urinate very often before sexual intercourse, because in this case the acidity of the vulva increases, which can destroy the sperm.

1 week pregnancy

In the first weeks it is very important to start working on your own health, because such a process as pregnancy takes a lot of energy from the mother, and you should definitely be ready for this. You need to strengthen your immune system so that you do not get infected with any infection that will have a detrimental effect on the health of your baby. More time needs to be spent in the fresh air, but avoid very crowded places. Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. Experts recommend attending special courses for pregnant women, where they will help you psychologically prepare for childbirth and the fact that you are most likely to begin drastic mood swings, which can adversely affect family relationship

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