20 week pregnancy

20 week of pregnancy falls in the middle of a long journey. This time is called the equator – a reference point dividing the pregnancy into first and second half. What awaits a woman and her baby in this interesting period?

20 week pregnancy
20 week pregnancy

Fetal development

At 20 obstetric week, the baby continues to grow and develop in accordance with the program. The body of the fetus is fully formed, its length is 20-22 cm, and the weight reaches 250-300 g. Externally, the baby is uniquely similar to one of the parents or both.

The differentiation of the nervous system continues, the structure of the cerebral cortex is improved, all parts of the brain develop, and strong connections between various structures are established. Does not stop for a minute and the development of the senses. In the middle of pregnancy, the baby clearly distinguishes external sounds, highlights the voices of parents and closest people.

Almost all the internal organs of the fetus work in full force. A small heart pumps blood through the vessels at a rate of 140-160 beats per minute. The kidneys function, the gallbladder, liver and the entire digestive tract lag behind. The endocrine glands are included in the process, ensuring the constancy of the internal environment of the body. Supervise the coordinated work of the internal organs of the pituitary and hypothalamus, creating optimal conditions for the functioning of all systems.

Condition of a mom

In the middle of pregnancy, the condition of the woman remains quite stable. Many future mothers celebrate a surge of energy, vigor and desire for change. This is not surprising, because in the II trimester the nervous system is in a state of excitement. The main thing is not to overstrain, and enjoy every day of this wonderful period in life.

The total weight gain for the 20th week of pregnancy is about 4.5 kg. The uterus is 2 cm below the navel. The tummy is noticeably rounded, and it will not be possible to hide the soonest addition to the family from others. At this time, you should switch to clothes of free cut, which will not interfere with further changes in the figure.

In the second half of pregnancy, the posture of the woman changes. The center of gravity is shifted, the pelvis comes forward, and the shoulders and back lean back a little. Such changes provoke the appearance of pain in the lumbar region and sacrum. To reduce the load on the spine and pelvis will help yoga, swimming in the pool and wearing a prenatal bandage.

At the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby is actively moving in the womb. It is estimated that during this period the fetus makes up to 200 different movements per day. A pregnant woman can feel only a small fraction of all fetal movements. Most often, the baby makes itself felt late in the evening or at night, in a state of complete rest.

Not all women manage to feel the first movements of the fetus at this time. The movements of the baby are not well audible with excess weight, as well as in the case of the location of the placenta on the front wall. A large role is played by individual sensitivity of the woman. If the doctor did not reveal any abnormalities on the planned ultrasound, you should not worry. Soon, the baby will surely make itself known, you just need to be patient and wait a bit more.

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