22 week pregnancy

22 week of pregnancy – a kind of milestone in the development of the fetus. According to WHO recommendations, a baby born on this period is considered a newborn. The necessary help will be rendered to such a child and all conditions for its existence outside the mother’s womb will be created.

22 week pregnancy
22 week pregnancy

Fetal development

At 22 obstetric weeks, the baby looks almost the same as any full-term newborn, only much smaller. All parts of the body of the fetus are fully formed, and the proportions of the body are close to our usual. The head of the baby no longer appears disproportionately large in relation to the body, the arms and legs correspond to the size of the body. The weight of the fruit on this period is 400-500 g, and the growth reaches 26-28 cm.

The intensive development of the fetal cardiovascular system continues. The baby’s heart grows in size, taking on an increasing load. The formation of the spinal column and all the muscles and ligaments holding it is completed. The bones of the fruit become stronger every day. Calcium accumulates in the bone tissue – an important element contributing to the normal development of the musculoskeletal system.

Improved departments of the central nervous system. The formation of connections between neurons contributes to the development of basic reflexes. Fetal movements are becoming more complex. Now the kid is not just moving his arms and legs, but consciously raising his hand to his face and tilting his head. The kid learns to control his fingers, daily improving fine motor skills. Many fetal movements are perceived by a woman as light kicks and rolling in the abdomen.

Condition of a mom

In the second half of pregnancy there is a marked increase in body weight. For a period of 22 weeks, the total weight gain can be from 4.5 to 5.5 kg. Too rapid weight gain during this period may indicate the development of hidden edema. In such a situation, a woman is recommended to carefully monitor her condition, to measure her blood pressure daily and not to forget about regular visits to the doctor. With the appearance of marked edema on the feet and legs, be sure to tell the doctor about it.

It is already easy to guess from the rounded tummy that its owner is pregnant. Increases the chest, there is a pronounced pigment staining around the nipples. Some women on this period begins to stand out colostrum – primary milk. The absence of colostrum throughout pregnancy is not considered a pathology and speaks about the individual characteristics of the body’s response to changes in hormonal levels.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, almost all women clearly feel the movement of the fetus. A child makes up to 200 active movements a day, but only a small part is perceived by the future mom. It is best to hear the baby in the evening and at night, while lying on his back or on his side.

Vaginal discharge in the second half of pregnancy should remain transparent or milky, without sharp odors. The appearance of yellow or greenish discharge, itching or burning in the vagina indicates the development of infection. The spotting speaks of the threat of preterm labor. In any of these situations, you need to see a doctor.

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