29 week pregnancy

In the 29th week of pregnancy, the baby grows and develops to the joy of mom. Every moment of his intrauterine life is filled with meaning. Being in the womb, the baby learns to interact with the outside world with all the means at its disposal. The development of the nervous system and internal organs does not stop for a minute. The woman’s body is gradually preparing for the upcoming birth, mobilizing all available resources.

29 week pregnancy
29 week pregnancy

Fetal development

The weight of the baby at the 29th obstetric week is 1100-1200 g, the length of the body is 35-36 cm. The fast-growing fetus is becoming more crowded in the womb. The movements remain strong, confident, but not so sweeping. At this time, the fetus may take a certain position in the uterus – head or buttocks down. The probability of a complete coup is getting smaller every day.

The skin of the fetus becomes peculiar to them a pale pink color. Lanugo gradually disappears – primary hair. On the shoulders and back decreases the amount of original lubricant. The accumulation of adipose tissue continues, especially on the abdomen, in the natural folds of the skin and around the joints.

The digestive system of the fetus has ripened in order to begin to digest the mother’s milk. Children born on this period can already take their own breasts. The heart of the fetus continues to work, pumping blood through the vessels. Heart rate at a period of 29 weeks is 120-160 beats per minute.

The development of the nervous system of the fetus continues for a given program. The kid is already trying to independently regulate the temperature of his own body and maintain it at the required level. Reflexes of a fruit are improved every day. The baby is able to distinguish individual sounds, reacts to a bright light, recognizes the taste and smell of amniotic fluid. Perceiving new information through the senses, the child is able to memorize and analyze it at the most primitive level.

Condition of a mom

The total weight gain at week 29 is 6-7 kg. The uterus is just above the navel. The protruding tummy is noticeable enough so that others do not even have a shadow of doubt about the status of a woman. Colostrum, the primary milk, can be expelled from the enlarged breast dropwise.

The rapid growth of the abdomen provokes the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Very characteristic moderate itching due to overstretching of the skin. Itching increases in hot weather, as well as when wearing synthetic clothing. At this time, it is recommended to use moisturizers containing a large amount of vitamin E. Special creams will also help prevent the appearance of stretch marks or reduce their severity on the skin.

The movements of the fetus at week 29 feel very good. On average, the expectant mother perceives up to 10 movements of the baby every hour. For 4-6 hours in a row, the child may sleep and not let know about himself. Movement of the baby is felt in the lower abdomen, in the navel and under the ribs. Too active or, on the contrary, rare movements of the fetus may indicate the development of chronic hypoxia and damage to the nervous system. In this situation, you must see a doctor.

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