41 week of pregnancy . What happens at this time?

41 week pregnancy

If the date has come, and the child is not in a hurry to be born, then do not worry, this is not considered a perenash. Only a small percentage of women give birth in the intended period. Tune in to the process of the upcoming delivery, because it will not be easy, but the reward will be the opportunity to see your long-awaited baby.

41 week pregnancy
41 week pregnancy

Fetal development at 41 weeks pregnancy.

At the 41st week, the fetus is fully ready for a meeting with the outside world, because the organs are fully formed and function well. The original fluff and waxy secret that protected his skin from the irritating effects of amniotic fluid disappears. Wax secretion remained only in the armpits and groin area.

Baby continues to gain weight. The placenta actively supplies vitamins and minerals necessary for life. Thanks to calcium, nails and hair grow. Antibodies enter through the membrane of the placenta into the umbilical cord vein and protect the child from infections. The intestine of the fetus makes a smooth wave-like movements, preparing for activities in the external environment. The digestive system produces meconium (original feces), from which the child will be released only after being born.

The state of mom at 41 weeks pregnancy.

Do not worry about the passive behavior of the fetus at 41 weeks of gestation, because this is a normal phenomenon caused by its rapid growth and lack of space in the uterus. He has enough space just to wait for the light. 10 movements per day can be considered the norm, but if there are fewer of them, then contact your local doctor, because this is a very unfavorable sign.

Do not worry if during the day you didn’t feel a stir, because the child is very active at night. He spends the whole day in a dream, preparing for the difficult process of childbirth.

If you feel very active tremors, try changing positions or talk to your baby. . If after this point all the same does not stop, it means that the baby is not all right, call an ambulance.

The erroneous opinion that a child can be considered transferred at this time. According to the doctors, these kids are absolutely not in danger. Only after 42 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can be considered postponed.

Carry children look like this:

  • dry skin;
  • lack of weight;
  • the complete absence of a waxy secret;
  • greenish or yellow navel.

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