42 week of pregnancy

42 week pregnancy

The 42nd week of pregnancy is the so-called prolonged week, in other words, children born this week are full-fledged children. Most often, women who have a menstrual cycle that does not exceed thirteen days, or primiparous moms get up to this term of gestation. In any case, if you did not give birth to this term during the normal course of pregnancy, there is no cause for concern.

41 week pregnancy
42 week pregnancy

Fetal development during the 42 weeks of pregnancy

The child is fully developed, but an aging placenta and its deteriorating condition may cause the development of asphyxia or hypoxia. Reduced activity of the placenta reduces the amount of blood supplied to the fetus, and this leads to a lack of oxygen. In such situations, after the baby is born, it is connected to a respirator to increase the viability of the fetus. This week may bring a threat to the child due to the reduced production of amniotic fluid, which significantly slows down his physical development. Nutrients are already delivered in limited quantities, which hinders the development of the baby. Lack of nutrients often leads to a reflex release of meconium, and this causes a threat to the child, since when the amniotic fluid is ingested, original feces will get into his body. In such situations, after the baby is born, it is connected to a respirator to increase the viability of the fetus.

Bone baby has become much stronger, for this reason, there may be inconveniences during the process of childbirth, regarding the release of the head. All systems and organs of the baby are actively working and maintaining vitality. Wax secret and original fluff completely disappeared. But sometimes lanugo remains on the back, shoulders and some other parts of the body. In this case, it is removed manually by rolling out. A growing baby can create a problem in childbirth for women with a narrow pelvis. At this stage, the fetus already has the full image of the baby and is ready for release. It has long marigolds and hairs on the head.

The state of mom the 42 weeks of pregnancy

Do not be very upset if the pregnancy has reached a period of 42 weeks. As a rule, such a term becomes an error in the calculations made by doctors. If you have any doubts or worries, visit a doctor for an examination, he will dispel your anxiety. Be sure to keep calm, extra excitement can adversely affect the child. If the future mom is over thirty-five years old, it is necessary to mentally prepare for the fact that childbirth can take place with some minor complications.

Due to the adequacy of the development of the fetus, and bone-fortified calcium, there may be minor problems associated with the passage of the baby’s head through the birth canal. The kid can develop small scratches with developed nails, so you should not be surprised if the crumb is born a little scratched.

The 42nd week of pregnancy is the period at which you can be offered a cesarean section. Conduct it for many reasons, depending on the development of the fetus, and the state of the woman. Regarding the state of the future mom, cesarean section is recommended to do in the presence of hypertension or diabetes, inability to give birth on their own, if the woman has a narrow pelvis, contracting herpes, no contractions.
Also, cesarean section is carried out due to detachment of the placenta, aging of the placenta, pressing of the umbilical cord, disproportionate size of the head of the fetus, and if the composition of amniotic fluid contains meconium impurity.

If you are observing a discharge with an admixture of blood, discharge of mucus plug, a sharp pain in the thigh area, or severe persistent contractions have begun, immediately call an ambulance so you don’t have to give birth at home.

According to statistics, about 10% of women reach forty-two weeks of gestation, so do not worry, but tune in to the birth and wait for the desired hour. Spend more time chatting with your loved ones. The next few days you can not see them. The first week after birth will take place in complete care of the newborn, but remember the people close to you, who helped and supported during the entire period of pregnancy.

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