What happens at 8 weeks of pregnancy

8 week of pregnancy
Size fetus 8 weeks pregnant

At the 8th week of pregnancy, differentiation of the heart of the embryo occurs, as well as the development of all major internal organs. What else awaits a woman and her baby at this stage?

8 week of pregnancy

Baby at 8 weeks of pregnancy

At 8 obstetric week there is a sharp jump in the development of the fetus. In just one week, the baby doubled, and now its body length is about 1.5 cm. The exact size of the embryo can be obtained by ultrasound.

Week 8 is a significant stage in the development of the cardiovascular system. During this period, 4 chambers are formed in the heart, and a normal one-way blood flow through the organ is established. The embryo’s heart begins to function, providing blood supply to all important internal organs.

At week 8, the development of the digestive system continues. The stomach is separated, the intestine is lengthened, the liver begins to work. In the same period, the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity is laid.

In the skull of the embryo is the differentiation of the brain. The cerebellum and the medulla are formed, connections between neurons arise. At the same time, the active development of the musculoskeletal system occurs. By the end of the 8th week of pregnancy, the embryo begins to move in the womb.

8 week pregnancy

What to expect at 8 weeks of pregnancy

At the beginning of the 8th week of pregnancy, all signs of toxicosis remain. Nausea and vomiting bother every other woman expecting a child. Some expectant mothers complain only of mild ailment, while others have to spend several days in the hospital under an IV drip. To predict in advance the severity of toxicosis is impossible. The severity of this condition is not affected by either the sex of the fetus or the age of the woman. The only thing that reliably aggravates the course of toxicosis is chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

The gradual growth of the uterus leads to the emergence of new discomfort during pregnancy. Pressure on the bladder provokes frequent urination. A portion of urine may be quite insignificant. Frequent urination should not be accompanied by itching, burning or pain in the region of the heart. If any of these symptoms appear, you should be examined by a urologist.

The growing uterus presses on the rectum. There are constipation – a rare and difficult bowel movement. It provokes constipation at this time and delayed peristalsis of the colon. Characterized by the development of flatulence and pain around the navel after a meal.

At week 8, many women report weight gain. An increase in body weight may be quite small, from 1 to 1.5 kg. With severe toxicosis, on the contrary, there is a loss of weight. Fluctuations of body weight on this period are individual and depend on the characteristics of the course of pregnancy.

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