What happens at 9 weeks of pregnancy

9 week pregnancy
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At the 9th week of pregnancy, the active growth and development of the embryo continues. Waiting for a miracle gives every expectant mother the opportunity to survive the most difficult stages of the first trimester of pregnancy and cope with any discomfort during this period. What should be expected at obstetric week 9?

Baby at 9 weeks of pregnancy

For a period of 9 weeks, the growth of the fetus is about 2.5 cm, and its weight remains within 5 g. The proportions of the baby’s body are still far from our usual ones. The head of the embryo seems disproportionately huge on a small body, and long arms significantly ahead in the development of still short legs. Now the baby is not growing so fast. All the resources of his body go to the formation of internal organs and the development of the central nervous system.

At week 9, the baby is actively moving in the womb. He already knows how to move hands and legs, but all his movements are rather chaotic. At the same time, small fingers are formed on the hands and feet. The thumb is separated by the end of the 9th week of pregnancy.

During this crucial period, the heart of the embryo finishes its development, the liver is formed and the kidneys begin to work. Foci of blood formation are laid in the baby’s liver, and soon the synthesis of own red blood cells will begin here. The development of the brain zone of the adrenal glands continues and the production of the first hormones is launched.

At week 9, the separation of the cerebral hemispheres continues. The embryo acquires its first reflexes, which will be improved every day. The sense of touch develops, and in this period the baby already feels light touches to the walls of the uterus

9 week pregnancy

What to expect at 9 weeks of pregnancy

At 9 obstetric week of pregnancy accounts for the peak activity of toxicosis. The level of hCG is growing rapidly, and with it all the unpleasant sensations intensify. During this period, it is very important to find the best means for eliminating nausea and vomiting. Some women are helped by a light breakfast in the morning, others are saved by mineral water or citrus fruits. Pumpkin seeds, ginger and mint tea reduce nausea. There is no universal recipe, and each expectant mother will have to independently find a remedy that will help her to survive the first trimester of pregnancy.

The emotional state of the pregnant woman is still unstable. During this period, you should avoid any stresses and anxieties that can spoil the mood. Fatigue and apathy that remain at week 9 also do not improve the condition. You need to take care of yourself, relax at every opportunity and not overwork. After a few weeks, the depressive effect of progesterone will decrease, and the world will again begin to play with bright colors.

At week 9, the intolerance of harsh aromas remains. Even the usual smells of cooking food can become unbearable. In some women, this condition continues until the end of the first trimester, while others are unable to walk up to the plate until the birth. Taste addictions at this time also remain very bizarre. Few of the future moms manage to avoid the desire to eat watermelon in the middle of winter or to taste an exotic dish at three in the morning.

Vaginal discharge at week 9 remains very abundant. Mucous clear or milky secretions are considered normal and arise due to hormonal changes. Discharge should not cause any discomfort in the form of itching or burning. If any unpleasant sensations appear, you should be screened for possible infections.

Not all women at this time manage to feel truly pregnant. The baby is still not kicking from the inside, weight gain is not at all noticeable, and even the tummy is still flat. In the absence of toxicosis, many women do not even believe that a new life has arisen inside. In such a situation, you just need to be patient and wait a bit. Very soon the baby will declare itself by the first timid pushes in the stomach, and the woman will not be able to remain alone for a moment.

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