Gender Reveal Dragon Egg




Color:Black (room temp) to Blue (body temp) | Size:4 in

These unique eggs are perfect for a Gender Reveal party. It will go great with a Witch or Wizard, dragon, mermaid, unicorn or many other party themes.

These eggs magically change color when heated!

This egg will change as many times as you need for those that want to have two or more reveals! Perfect to keep as a memento of the occasion!

CUSTOM: We’re happy to create custom products. If you’d like something different please reach out.

SIZE: Egg size is 4 inches tall. Larger eggs are available.


Just like eggs in nature, there are slight differences to each egg. From the placement of the accent colors to each scale being hand painted. There are around 400 metal scales (on 4 inch egg) that are hand painted and individually placed with a main color and an accent color to make the eggs look magical! My eggs are sealed to keep the scales from moving. Every egg is unique!

Thankfully the eggs will not hatch into dragons. Babies & dragons do not mix well together!


Dip or pour warm water over the egg is the preferred method.

Use your own body heat. Holding it with your hands is usually enough. Many factors can affect the temperature of our hands including stress & ambient temperature. Hot Hands can help with warming your hands.

Other options for changing the color are using a hair dryer or direct sunlight

Put your egg in the refrigerator to quickly return it to the original color.

CAUTION: To avoid damage do not expose egg to open flame, high temperatures or prolonged periods of heat. Exposure to sunlight for long periods of time may permanently change the color.

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