7 rules for a safe home for your child: what you need to know

This is for us the safest place on the planet – our home. For children, he is full of dangers. We will talk about the main ones in this article. Of course, we won’t be able to save the child from all the dangers in the house, but parents are quite capable of minimizing the risk of causing serious injuries to themselves and protecting the baby from dangers.

safe home for baby

The statistics of children falling out of the window is growing every year. It’s all about plastic bags that open easily. A baby of one year can calmly crank the handle. Therefore, the first rule: do not teach your child to sit on window sills. Even if you live on the first floor now. You can go to visit friends in a high-rise building. The kid, accustomed to looking out the window, will climb on to the windowsill – the truth is very interesting there. There is a risk of falling out. Take away tables, sofas – everything that can serve as a support to the window. And most important: buy handles with locks! Talk to older children about safe behavior at home.


In a house where there is a baby all the furniture should be bolted to the walls. What for? She can easily fall on the child and cripple him. There are frequent cases when children pull things out of the chest of drawers, make steps out of drawers and try to climb them. The chest under its own weight turns over on the child and causes severe injuries.

Your task is to teach the child to crawl from sofas and chairs, and also to go down the stairs correctly. A staircase is a very dangerous place for a child. Buy gates with locks to it or make it yourself.

Medicines and household chemicals

The minus of tasty medicines is that the child is not afraid of them and considers them to be “sweetie”. Children are attracted to sweet syrups. The bright color of household chemicals also plays a cruel joke, kids might think that the powder is delicious. These items should be cleaned as high as possible or in a locker with a key so that the child does not accidentally pick up and drink a pill or detergent.

Electrical outlets

While the child does not understand the dangers of current, it is better to close the sockets with special plugs for babies. Small holes and beckon for something to stick there. And the children use it.

Kitchen stove

Children love to spin around mom cooking dinner. They can easily pull the handle of the pot or pan and burn themselves. Accustom yourself to cooking on distant burners and never leave your child alone in the kitchen. It is advisable to buy a gas control stove. It prevents the gas from escaping until the burner is set on fire.

Sharp corners

Sharp corners of furniture can pose a serious danger to the child. They are located exactly at the level of the child’s head. Buy special pads that soften them.