Understanding newborn cries

Why do babies cry? Matter of course – something bothers them. How to understand the newborn, who himself still can not figure out their needs?

Of course, and together. The usual picture: a screaming baby and a helpless mom sobbing around. Let’s protect our nerves and the psyche of others and give the baby the right to vote. A child has the only opportunity to state his needs – to make a loud sound or to cry. It seems to parents of babies under the age of 1 month to understand a baby who is crying is as difficult as understanding an alien. But if you carefully watch the child, you will notice certain patterns of his behavior. For example, a crumb rarely immediately starts crying, as a rule, before this he:

  • groans;
  • trying to toss and turn;
  • squeaks;
  • frowning.

Newborn baby cries because he is hungry

Crying newborn does not always signal that the baby is hungry. In her inexperience, the young mother forgets about this and in any case begins to give a crumbs to her breasts. To understand that this “hungry” cry is very simple: it always begins abruptly. The baby demandingly calls his mother, does not calm down even for a minute, and only when they take him on handles, the baby will calm down a bit in search of a delicious milk.

Newborn baby cries when it's lonely

What do babies who cry intermittently want? That’s right, communication. The kid screams loudly for a few seconds, then calms down and waits to see if the call has worked. If the mother does not fit, the crumb begins to cry again. If you have noticed such a pattern, do not be angry with your sun, but take it on the handles and play.

The newborn is crying for something that hurts

This crying is not to be confused with anything. It is loud, demanding, sometimes turning into a whimper from despair, so it is very easy to understand what the baby wants. First of all, see how the crumb behaves. If he cries and presses his legs against his tummy, then he will suffer from colic. If the baby cries, then subsides for minutes, and then lets out a scream again, then perhaps it signals that an act of urination has occurred. The child may have a headache, may disturb the place where they were vaccinated, and in all these cases the crying will be the same.

Newborn baby cries when it feels uncomfortable

A baby can cry if something causes him discomfort. Watch the baby, because the causes of discontent lie on the surface. For example, in hot weather, the child wriggles in the crib and cries plaintively. You can immediately understand that the newborn wants to be stripped or moved to a cooler place. Or the baby may scream because he doesn’t like to lie in a wet diaper or a soiled diaper; may whimper if mom put on uncomfortable clothes on him; perhaps the baby is annoyed by bright light or harsh sounds around. Such a cry is easy to understand: it is quiet and short, because as soon as the cause of the discomfort is resolved, the baby will immediately become cheerful.

the newborn cries when it wants to sleep

Moms quickly cope with this cry. Imagine yourself in the place of the baby: you are tired and want to relax. Will you be active? Most likely no. So is the crumb who wants to sleep. His cry is monotonous, plaintive. Baby whimpers and yawns. If so, then rather put the crumbs in the crib.

How to understand the cry of a newborn? A little patience, observation and, of course, persistent restraint: it will take a month or two, and you will know with confidence when the baby needs to change the diaper, and when it is just boring.