7 Troubles Cesarean Section Causes

If you have a choice to do a cesarean or give birth in a natural way, then it is better to stop on the second option. If there is no choice, know what to prepare for.

The key to successful childbirth is the right attitude of the expectant mother to them. But many girls are so afraid of giving birth that they prefer to go to a cesarean section even without indications for this. In this case, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons. Here are just a few of the main troubles that a cesarean section entails.

1. You may no longer be able to give birth naturally. If you did a cesarean section once – this does not mean that the next birth will also go through the operation, but the risk remains.

2. Difficulty urinating. As a result of cesarean section, the muscles of the pelvic floor weaken, which can manifest itself in the form of urinary incontinence, cramping, cutting pain. To eliminate these troubles, you need a consultation with a urologist.

3. The stomach will recover for a long time. Since the muscles of the press are damaged during the operation, it will take longer to restore the abdomen to the “pre-pregnant” form than during natural childbirth. It must be remembered that it can take no less than a few months to return to the previous form.

4. The risk of postpartum depression. This serious problem can occur after natural birth, and after cesarean. However, in the second case, psychologists say, the risk of depression is higher. It is important to be prepared for the fact that this can happen to you, and to warn loved ones, even if previously you were not prone to depressive states.

5. Difficulties in conceiving the next child. Every fifth woman who went through a cesarean has difficulty conceiving in the future. In this case, you may need to contact the family planning center.

6. Problems with the establishment of breastfeeding. Since cesarean is not a natural process, the arrival of milk may be delayed. Accordingly, the baby will have to be fed with a mixture, and then try to transfer to breast milk.

7. Lack of emotional connection with the child. Recovery after surgery, medication, a separate stay with the baby and the lack of breastfeeding – all this set of circumstances can lead to the fact that you do not feel emotional connection with the baby. Do not be discouraged, gradually everything will work out, and temporary difficulties do not make you a bad mom. After the operation, you need to relax, recover, establish feeding.

After a natural birth, too, not all mothers immediately experience great love for the baby, it happens. But as you recover and that you and the child will know each other better, the closest emotional connection in the world will form between you.

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