typical mistakes of young mothers


With the advent of a child, a huge responsibility for his life falls upon a woman. And at the same time – a huge fear of making mistakes and doing something wrong.
What is least needed for a young mother in the first time after childbirth is outside advice.
But we want to warn you against typical mistakes that you can make at this time. As information for consideration.

1. Too early to doing sports

At the end of pregnancy, many women expect that they will give birth now – and immediately run to the gym to find a dream figure.

If the appearance of the baby was difficult for you, you had to suture, bleeding continues, then the sport is contraindicated.

Allow yourself to relax, and the body to do self-healing. Sports and a dream figure will not run away from you anywhere, but health problems are very easy to get.

2. Go on a strict diet

During breastfeeding, especially in the first months, a woman’s body spends a lot of energy, about 800 kcal per day, only on the production of food for the baby.

This is equivalent to having you go to the gym every day. Therefore, sitting on a starvation diet and chewing buckwheat with boiled turkey is not a very bright prospect.

Let your food be balanced, healthy, but tasty at the same time. Do not forget to pamper yourself with a really pleasant meal, it helps to reduce stress during this difficult time of adaptation to a new life.

3. Early return to sexual activity

In the next 1.5 months after giving birth, vaginal sex should be avoided to allow the body to recover and the vagina to contract.

About 6 weeks after the birth, it is necessary to see a gynecologist. If he approves, you can gradually and accurately return to the previous rhythm of sexual life.

4. Refuse help

With their first child, many mothers love to “heroize”: they are sure that they do not need any help, they will do everything themselves. But if you have the opportunity to ask for help, it is better not to refuse this option.

If there is a child’s father next to you, then his contribution to the care of you and the baby should be, by definition, this is not even discussed and this is not something you should ask every time. If the man himself does not understand, then the conversation with him should be one, but serious.

If grandmothers offer you help, agree with them how often and how they will help. For example, a walk with the child a couple of times a week, while you go about your business, or come only on weekends, or vice versa, help with cooking and cleaning.

There is no need to categorically refuse help: this is your chance to have time for yourself, to take a bath, a manicure and a hairdresser, to go to the movies, etc.

5. Constantly expressed

If you have a lot of milk and the child “does not eat up” such a portion, the chest is constantly poured, then the best solution is a breast pump.

It is important not to express to the last drop. Remember that the more milk “leaves” – the more the body produces it.

Therefore, you need to express only until the relief of your condition, when the chest is not full and does not hurt. Over time, the baby and breasts will come to the optimal amount of milk that will suit both.

6. Relive the condition of hair, nails, figures

About 2-3 months after the birth, the hair begins to actively fall out. Nails can also go through hard times. This is normal for all pregnant women. Be sure that you will not be bald.
What can you do:

  • shorten the hair so that the falling out are lessnoticeable;
  • shorten nails and do only hygienic manicure;
  • eat well and balanced, eat oily fish;
  • continue to drink vitamins for pregnant women;
  • do not be nervous.
    What to do with the changed figure? If you don’t overeat, seize stress and boredom with cakes, regularly walk in the fresh air, add a little physical activity to your daily schedule to keep your muscles toned – in a few months you will look stunning. Believe me, they will run very fast.

7. Do not protect yourself while having sex

Monthly periods, and with them the possibility of becoming pregnant, usually return 6-9 months after the previous birth. But this can happen much earlier, even if you are actively feeding your baby, it is impossible to predict.

Therefore, do not rely on chance, it is better to use condoms. Hormonal contraceptives are probably best left until the baby’s weaning. Your body is already experiencing a “riot of hormones.” However, only a doctor can provide you with accurate information in this regard.

Also, a condom will protect your body from the possible entry of harmful bacteria into the incompletely healed vagina.