Gymnastics for newborns and infants

Gymnastics for newborns allowed from the first month of life. Charging develops motor skills, muscular system, balance, movement coordination, and also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems of infants. Exercises need to be carried out in a game form and at the same time tenderly talk with the baby.

Gymnastics for newborns

First of all before starting the procedure, you need to make sure that the child is healthy, not hungry and in a good mood. It is better to undress the baby completely and do exercises at a comfortable temperature in the room. It is also important to remember that the ligamentous apparatus in infants, especially in the newborn, is delicate and elastic. All movements should be soft and gentle. The intensity and amplitude of the exercises increases after six months. At this age, the child begins to gradually master the basic motor skills. Above all turns over on his stomach, sits down, gets up on all fours, crawls, rises, squats, takes the first steps. From a passive observer, the child turns into an active participant in charging. That is why gymnastics for the newborn should become an active assistant to its further development and growth.

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