BABY development up to six months

Stages of development of the baby

In its first year of life, a newborn goes through several stages of development, which are more convenient to trace through the months. Each stage brings with it changes in the physiology, behavior and abilities of the child. For example, at the end of the first month of their life, the baby sometimes succeeds in smiling and fixing his gaze on objects.

He hears not only rhythmic sounds, but also his mother’s voice, can look into her mother’s eyes and study her face, but, of course, very briefly, literally one or two seconds.

Baby development after 6 months

Child development from 6 months to a year

The kid begins to recognize the surrounding objects and can show them. Crawls on his own, makes the first attempts to stand on his legs. The number of sounds being uttered increases. Therefore, it is necessary to engage with the child, read books to him, telling in simple words about the world around him. He likes to play simple games, during which he develops fine motor skills of hands….