Sex during pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in the life of each family. But while you are expecting a baby, your intimate life endures major changes. Remember: pregnancy is not a disease, and in most cases sex is not contraindicated. Future mom and dad should not deny themselves the pleasure of making love. Knowing the “secrets” of sex during pregnancy, you not only level the possible risks, but also bring something new, bright, sensual into the relationship.

Transformation of attraction in women and men

Have sex during pregnancy or not – an individual choice of each couple. The recommendations and warnings of physicians concern only some of the nuances that vary from trimester to trimester.

1. Woman Sexual desires are manifested, then fade away. The reason for what is happening – in the health of the future mother. Vomiting, drowsiness, nausea – these are constant first trimester satellites. At this moment, the taste and olfactory feelings become more acute, the moods change almost instantly, the woman becomes extremely emotional. It can be unpleasant for a girl to have sex due to breast hypersensitivity and frequent chest pains.

2. Man. He is frightened by the behavior of his wife, does not know what to expect next time. At this stage, the couple is often pursued by scandals and quarrels – and if before everything was decided by good sex, now the partner can deny her husband in sex. At the psychological level, the main thing is to be able to find a common language and learn to understand each other.

3. Physiology. Sex in the first trimester of pregnancy is irregular and requires the man’s increased attention to his wife’s feelings. Physical proximity is quite safe in the absence of contraindications.

Sex during pregnancy

sex during the 1st month of pregnancy

At this time, the expectant mother most likely does not even suspect what changes are taking place in her body. The fertilized egg was fixed in the uterus quite recently, and it will not be possible to see the “new life” even on ultrasound. That is why in the intimate life of the spouses are unlikely to occur any changes. It’s only the beginning!

sex during the 2st month of pregnancy

Now it has become known that a new person will appear in the family. The obstetrician-gynecologist prescribed the necessary tests. How does the future mother feel? If the pregnancy is good, you should not give up sex. However, very often in the first months of pregnancy, doctors can prescribe sexual rest.

sex during the 3st month of pregnancy

Often, the first trimester of pregnancy ends with a “month of toxemia.” And the hormonal background continues to rage. Drowsiness, tearfulness, dramatic mood swings – these “companions” of expectant mothers are reflected in sex life. Be patient. Soon everything will change for the better! And even if several times you say to your beloved “no,” nothing terrible will happen.

1. Woman Her well-being has improved significantly, she feels every movement of the fetus and it is a little reassuring, soothing. Against the background of emotional stability, hormone surges subside.

2. Man. Accustomed to the role of the future father, the spouse is in a happy, serene state. He is very sensitive, gentle and responsive to his wife. The second trimester is often called the “golden period” of intimacy, because it is then that the couple learns the best aspects of sex during pregnancy.

3. Physiology. Spouses can not hesitate to show sexual desire – in the normal course of pregnancy, physical intimacy is not contraindicated.

Sex during pregnancy

sex during the 4st month of pregnancy

Second trimester is the best period for sex. Morning nausea recedes, drowsiness passes, others notice the radiant color of skin and shine in the eyes of the future mother. In addition, at 13–16 weeks, the tummy is still small, barely noticeable. That is why during intimate proximity, almost any postures are available to partners. Of course, you should avoid pressure on the woman’s stomach.


During this period, many women note an increase in sexual desire. Do not be afraid to show it to your husband. Flirt with him, seduce, flirt. The hormonal changes occurring in the body of the future mother, by nature itself, are aimed at strengthening the family, the relationship between husband and wife. Enjoy the closeness and value the minutes of togetherness.


In the second trimester, the female genitals change somewhat: the mucous membranes become full-blooded, swollen and emit a large amount of moisturizing secretion, the lumen of the vagina narrows somewhat. Right now, many expectant mothers experience multiple long orgasms. This, of course, is worth taking advantage of: a man and a woman will receive so many bright positive emotions that there will be enough memories of them for a long time.

1. Woman The fetus grows, in the abdominal area in women there is discomfort, an increased sense of fear at the thought of imminent labor. Sex can be painful.

2. Man. Sexual activity decreases – the spouse is afraid to damage the fetus. His fears are not in vain, because you cannot definitely say whether you can make love in the third trimester. The exact answer to the question whether your couple has contraindications will be provided only by a doctor.

3. Physiology. Doctors say that in the process of excitement, oxytocin is released, which stimulates the contraction of the uterus and can cause the onset of labor.

Sex during pregnancy


The tummy can not be hidden from others – no matter how hard you try. Every week it will continue to grow in size. Sometimes, future fathers are afraid to approach their wife with “special” intentions. However, if there were no contraindications on the part of the doctor, sex life can be continued. The main thing is to choose acceptable and comfortable sex positions for both spouses. Experiment!


You may notice a sexual recession. This is due not only to the fact that the woman is becoming less active, but also for other reasons. First of all, future mothers are beginning to be disturbed by thoughts about the upcoming birth. There are a lot of worries: the choice of the hospital,you need to think about what things to bring with you to the hospital, the purchase of a dowry, the arrangement of the nursery. Even if you do not have the strength to have full-fledged sex, be sure to give each other small signs of attention: hugs, kisses, intimate caresses should not disappear from your relationship. In addition, the endorphins (hormones of joy) released during bodily intimacy will raise the spirits of both.


Many doctors shortly before the DA even offer spouses to have sex as often as possible, because it stimulates labor activity. There are often cases when a woman went to the hospital literally several hours after intercourse, and the delivery was easy and without problems.

Safe sex during pregnancy

Having sex is not prohibited both at the early stage of pregnancy and at later periods. Physical harm to the fetus is almost impossible, because it is protected by the muscles of the uterus, the shell, amniotic fluid. The only exceptions are medical contraindications regarding:

– threats of spontaneous miscarriage;
– the presence of infectious diseases in one of the partners;
– the presence of bleeding;
– the opening of the throat of the uterus;
– improper location of the placenta;
– miscarriages during previous pregnancies.
Do not hesitate to discuss with your doctor the postures, features and nuances of having sex with your husband during pregnancy. Based on the specifics of the course of your pregnancy, a qualified doctor will be able to give more comprehensive and accurate recommendations.

In the case when there are no contraindications, engage in sexual intimacy without fear!

1. Vaginal sex can be practiced with almost no restrictions.

2. Oral sex is permissible when a partner does not have infectious diseases of the oral cavity (for example, herpes)

3. Anal sex is possible with strict hygiene.

Sex during pregnancy

best sex poses during pregnancy

Physical intimacy during pregnancy brings positive emotions to both mother and baby. Feeling the joy of a woman, the child is also pleased. Enter into sex without fear, but choose comfortable, and most importantly – safe posture.

Most often married couples prefer the following items:

1. “Woman on top”: posture guarantees a woman the ability to control the depth of penetration and the degree of pressure on the belly.

2. “Spoons” (a pair lies on its side, a man behind): the peculiarity of the position is that the man’s sexual organ does not penetrate deeply, and therefore does not cause discomfort even in the late stages of pregnancy.

3. “On the knees”: a woman rests on her elbows and knees, the man becomes behind.

4. Sex, sitting on the partner’s lap is optimal for the second trimester.

Remember! The main criterion for “correct” posture is your inner feelings. If a pregnant spouse feels that she is comfortable, then sex is absolutely safe. Otherwise – by all means change the position.

Sex during pregnancy

And what about a man with sexual intimacy? The spouse must remember that during this period, he is required to pay increased attention and understanding of women’s needs for sex. Instead, the physical contact will bring a couple of new sensations to the couple – the excitement will increase faster than usual, and the orgasm promises to be long.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

What is the positive impact of sexual contact for a pregnant woman and the fetus? This is about:

– the appearance in the female body of the hormone prostaglandin, which contains sperm and has a positive effect on the cervix, which helps it to open better in the process of childbirth;
– training uterine muscles, which guarantees a more productive contractions;
– Emissions of the hormone endorphin, a beneficial effect on the emotions of the baby.

Sex during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period during which it is important to look for spiritual intimacy and not give up physical relationships. Feel free to tell your spouse and doctor about your feelings and enjoy a full life, taking all possible precautions.