How to lose belly fat fast after giving birth


Reasons for underweight mother

During pregnancy, the female body is completely rebuilt to bear the baby. The stomach suffers the most, because its muscles should stretch. He becomes flabby and saggy. How to remove mom’s stomach? And can this be done if she is breastfeeding?

Many women, no matter how beautiful their bodies were before pregnancy, notice after giving birth that their figure has changed for the worse. Is it possible to restore her former beauty? And how to do it in case of breastfeeding?

Causes of sagging abdomen

For 9 months of pregnancy, the abdominal muscles along with the skin are very stretched. In some women this happens more strongly, in others less intensively. Weak press muscles, heredity and the number of kilograms gained during pregnancy affect the intensity of the stretch.

The abdomen will quickly come into prenatal form under such conditions:

– the woman had the first birth;

– age at the time of birth less than 30 years;

– she gained less than 12 kg during pregnancy;

– she is breastfeeding.

How to lose the belly fat from pregnancy

Proper nutrition.

Nursing mothers are strictly forbidden to go on diets, because they, like their baby, need valuable micronutrients and vitamins. Mums should only lose weight with the help of proper nutrition. Nutritionists advise a nursing mother to eat fractionally 5-6 times a day, drink plenty of fluids. The basic rules of nutrition for a nursing mother will look like this:

  • replace fatty and fried with stewed, boiled and steamed;
  • eat seasonal local fruits and vegetables;
  • forget about purchased juices and soda;
  • nuts and seeds – a little bit;
  • replace bakery products and sweets with healthy fruits and dried fruits.

Physical exercise.

Exercise will help restore muscles to their former shape and strengthen them. But with exercises you need to be very careful. Two months after birth, while the stomach returns to its place, it is better not to play sports. Otherwise, you can earn diastasis (divergence) of the abdominal muscles. And this pathology is already corrected not in the gym, but on the operating table.
Is it 2 months after giving birth? Then you can start doing exercises. Such exercises are well suited: twisting, lifting legs, exercise on the abs. Get into the sports rhythm gradually, starting with a few repetitions, slowly increasing the load.

Massage the abdomen.

This type of body restoration is also recommended to be done already after the abdominal muscles return to their place, that is, no earlier than 1.5 – 2 months after delivery. Massage will tighten not only the muscles, but also the skin, reduce the sides and stretch marks. You can do it as self-massage, but it’s more effective to seek help from a specialist.

Bandage and tying.

These methods will not make your stomach flat, but will help maintain your abdominal and back muscles immediately after birth. The bandage also helps the uterus contract faster, although breastfeeding is best for uterine contractions.

Surgical intervention.

It happens that the stomach is so stretched that a woman can not restore its former beauty. This often occurs when bearing a multiple pregnancy, a large fetus, if a woman gained a lot of excess weight during pregnancy. Then the surgeon will help to remove a sagging stomach.

If you decide to remove the stomach at home, do not count on a quick result. Give your body time to get in shape. Someone’s stomach “goes away” in a month, someone needs several months, others need a year to restore their former shape. In any case, always remind yourself that you have had a baby for 9 months, your body has changed gradually over this period, and it takes about the same amount of time to return to the prenatal state.