Previously, did not think about what can and can not be pregnant, we adhered to one rule – you need to eat for two.. All 9 months the woman is a single whole with the child. It has long been proven that the health of her child and even the duration of his life depends on the nutrition and health of the mother, so the selection of the diet should be approached responsibly. However, modern doctors refute this version, arguing that a pregnant woman should not eat 2 times more, but 2 times better.

Permitted and recommended products during pregnancy

Nutrition of a pregnant woman is a very serious issue. It also concerns the amount of food. If you eat too much, a quick weight gain and a large fruit are provided. If there is little, the child will be underweight, he will not have enough nutrients. To this is added also toxicosis, which does not allow a woman to eat normally.

Eating carbohydrates in large quantities can not be called useful. The mass is growing, but the child still lacks nutrients.

The main reason why pregnant women can not overeat-too fast weight gain.

The list of products recommended during pregnancy includes:

  • Fresh and stewed vegetables. Vegetables, as you know, are always useful to everyone. They can be eaten fresh or stewed. Especially during pregnancy, it is recommended to eat fresh carrots, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin. They are useful for both mother and child, help to avoid constipation and strengthen the immune system.
  • Whole grains. Cereals contain fiber and a huge amount of vitamins. A pregnant woman needs to eat oatmeal, buckwheat, natural muesli every day.
  • Eggs. Eggs contain many vitamins and protein, they need to be eaten boiled, no more than 2 pieces a day. Cook necessarily hard-boiled to avoid infection with pathogenic bacteria.
  • Fermented milk product. Natural yogurts without dyes, fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt improve the digestive tract, normalize digestion and strengthen the immune system. But it is necessary to monitor the shelf life and composition of the product. The abundance of dyes and flavors will not be useful.
  • Meat and fish. Of course, meat contains valuable protein, so it is simply necessary to eat it. The most useful is considered dietary lean meat, such as beef, chicken, Turkey, rabbit. Sea fish is also useful, it contains valuable phosphorus and fatty acids. From the use of fatty, fried meat, barbecue, smoked and salted fish should be abandoned.
  • Bobs. Beans, lentils, peas contain a large amount of vitamins. They help to gain “useful” weight, contribute to the normalization of the intestine, which is also important during pregnancy. However, it should be remembered that these products increase gas formation.

A balanced diet includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals. The more varied the diet, the more different nutrients enter the body of a woman.

What foods should be abandoned during pregnancy

Sometimes during pregnancy, a woman wants something tasty, but she doubts whether it will not be dangerous for the fetus. Doctors believe that in small quantities, everything can be done, but it is necessary to monitor your diet.

If we talk about the fact that you can not eat pregnant, it is necessary to clarify, all cases are individual. Sometimes the reaction to a particular product is unpredictable.

It is not always necessary to completely exclude these products from the diet, but significantly limit their use will have. Not recommended foods include:

  • The hot spices. Spicy food provokes the development of gastritis, irritates the intestinal mucosa and stomach, and can also cause uterine tone. Acute is recommended for pregnant women just before childbirth to stimulate contractions.
  • Cabbage. Cabbage is useful and it has a lot of vitamins, but during pregnancy the amount of this useful vegetable is better to reduce. The fact that cabbage causes severe gas formation, which can lead to bloating and even uterine tone. This is accompanied by painful sensations.
  • Smoked. Smoked products increase the load on the stomach and pancreas, poorly absorbed. Smoked fish loses most of the nutrients, so in the diet such products are not needed.
  • Coffee. Coffee during pregnancy increases blood pressure and also increases the risk of miscarriage. If the doctor allows a woman a Cup of coffee, it is rare and weak.
  • Alcohol. There is no doctor who would not argue that alcohol is harmful to the baby and the expectant mother. The reasons why pregnant women should not drink alcohol are obvious. Alcoholic beverages increase the load on the liver and kidneys, which during pregnancy and so work with double force, and also have a toxic effect on the fetus, even in small quantities.
  • Candy. It is not necessary to refuse sweet at all, but it is necessary to reduce the use of chocolate, biscuits, creams, replacing them with candied fruits, marshmallows, dried fruits, dried fruits, natural jam.

When buying products, a woman should pay attention to the shelf life and composition. If the composition of a lot of E-additives, various flavor enhancers, it is desirable to abandon such food. For the expectant mother, it is important to feel good, as her condition affects the child. Improper nutrition will quickly make itself felt by poor health and impaired digestion.

Useful but dangerous products in pregnancy

There are a number of products that are generally beneficial to the body both during pregnancy and without it, but can cause an unexpected reaction. A woman does not always guess that they need to be treated with caution.

The first thing to remember-there is always a risk of allergies. Even if a woman has never experienced allergic reactions before pregnancy, the probability of its occurrence during pregnancy increases several times. This is due to the fact that the immune system begins to work differently.

The list of such products includes:

  • Seafood. Rich in phosphorus and vitamins, seafood, however, can lead to infection with viruses and bacteria. Especially dangerous smoked fish, oysters, mussels, sushi. Any seafood should be carefully selected and cooked.
  • Honey. It would seem, why pregnant women can not eat honey in it a huge amount of vitamins, and with colds, it is indispensable. The thing is that honey is a very strong allergen. It is difficult to predict what kind of honey and what reaction will occur. If you really want honey, you need to try quite a bit and look at the reaction of the body. Rash, nausea, burning in the stomach suggests that about honey during pregnancy will have to forget.
  • Sausage. By themselves, sausages have long been considered useful, but during gestation, it is especially recommended to avoid the use of smoked and smoked sausage. It is not only harmful to the pancreas and stomach, but also dangerous due to food poisoning. During pregnancy, poisoning is more severe and can harm the baby.
  • Dairy produce. Milk is undoubtedly useful, it has a lot of calcium. But products containing unpasteurized milk are dangerous, as they can lead to infection with bacteria. The list of such products includes mozzarella, non-boiled milk, natural cottage cheese.
  • Herbal tea. Herbs calm, strengthen the nervous system, normalize blood pressure. But not all herbs are allowed during pregnancy. Some of them can cause allergies, others-to provoke a miscarriage. Before drinking herbal tea, be sure to make sure it is safe.

Doctors try to give patients reminders about what to eat and what to avoid. If a woman has a question, she can ask her doctor. If there are signs of poisoning or allergies, you need to call an ambulance.

Signs of malnutrition during pregnancy

A woman’s body becomes especially sensitive during pregnancy. He himself reports that the pregnant woman is doing something wrong. For example, not all women know why pregnant women should not sleep on their backs. This is due to the fact that the load on the lower back increases greatly, and the placental vessels in this position are compressed. This will be reported by the aching back, and the child himself, who at large terms begins to kick and Wake his mother so that she turned over.

If a woman does not eat properly while carrying a child, she will have the following symptoms:

  • Insufficient set or weight loss. If a woman gains little weight, then most of the nutrients are taken away by the fetus. However, all reserves are exhausted. Physical exhaustion during pregnancy is dangerous and can lead to miscarriage.
  • Bad condition of teeth, nails, hair. During pregnancy, hair can fall out and split, nails can be layered, teeth can be destroyed. This condition indicates a lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body and is corrected with nutrition.
  • The constant heartburn. When the uterus begins to press on the stomach, heartburn appears, and it is considered the norm during pregnancy. But constant and severe heartburn indicates pathology. Perhaps in the diet of women too much sweet, salty, spicy, fried.
  • Constipation or diarrhea. Stool depends on hormones, but with the help of food you can always fix the situation. A woman should watch for regular bowel movements, as it can put pressure on the uterus, provoking tone.
  • Nausea and vomiting. The appearance of nausea can be caused by toxicosis, but even in this case, women noted that nausea occurs after eating certain foods.
  • Too fast weight gain. Rapid weight gain is also not useful. He talks about the abundance of carbohydrates in the diet, as well as swelling. In this case, the doctor will say that you can not eat pregnant to avoid problems. For example, it is recommended to reduce the use of salt, which retains liquid.

The deterioration of the mother’s condition immediately affects the child. If you have problems with food, you should consult a doctor and get advice. The doctor will advise how to change the diet, what to remove or what to add. Also, a woman can observe her own health. If after the use of any product becomes bad, then it should be excluded.

Dangers of improper nutrition during pregnancy

Don’t take it is easy to diet during pregnancy. It affects not only the weight of women and children, but also the development of the fetus, the formation of internal organs.

If a pregnant woman does not follow her diet and does not listen to the doctor’s recommendations, this can lead to a number of complications:

  • Gestosis. This dangerous condition occurs in late pregnancy and is accompanied by a sharp increase in blood PRESSURE. Its causes are difficult to determine, but the number of provoking factors includes malnutrition, which affects the work of internal organs.
  • Anemia. If a woman lacks vitamins, minerals, proteins, she begins to lack hemoglobin. Since this protein carries oxygen, the fetus begins oxygen starvation, which negatively affects its development.
  • Weak labor activity. If a woman is exhausted, she does not have enough strength for a full birth. Themselves giving birth can be protracted, and attempts weak. It is also fraught with fetal hypoxia.
  • Miscarriage. Also, one of the dangerous and irreparable consequences of exhaustion and malnutrition is miscarriage or premature birth. The body simply can not bear the child, the placenta does not develop normally, which leads to termination of pregnancy.
  • Premature detachment of the placenta. If the placenta separates from the uterus before delivery, it leads to disruption of nutrition and blood circulation of the fetus. The probability of death of the child in this case is 50%. There is also a high probability of bleeding and complications for the mother.
  • Intrauterine growth retardation. If the child is not enough nutrients and vitamins, there will be a delay in development. This applies not only to physical parameters (weight, height, body size), but also mental development.
  • Bleedings. Nutrition also affects blood clotting. In the postpartum period, this can lead to profuse bleeding.

To avoid all these unpleasant consequences, a woman needs to monitor her diet and consult a doctor in a timely manner when alarming symptoms occur.