10 Best ideas for Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal party is an event in which expecting parents get together with their friends and family to celebrate and, of course, reveal the sex of their unborn child. It’s quite exciting and so fun! Since the concept of a party is based on the fact that none of the guests present and the future parents themselves know the sex of the future baby. The question “boy or girl” is the main topic of the evening discussion. There are so many gender ideas, and we Chose for you the most popular and interesting ideas for organizing your party.

Why do you need to arrange this?

  •  This is a very important moment in your life and you must remember it.
  •  It’s much cooler than notifying your friends and relatives via SMS: “we will have a girl.” You invite the people closest to you and they inspire you with their emotions.
  •  It’s an important and exciting family holiday that you can look back to when the kids grow up, so be sure to film it all on video.

Most Popular Ideas

These are the most popular ideas for parties that I have seen.  And I really saw a lot of them. A lot of the most diverse examples of the organization Gender Reveal Party you can look on our Instagram page @genderrevealshow. There we replenish our collections daily and inspire other people new ideas. We also selected the best quality and necessary products for you to organize this party. You can see the list here.

1. Balloons for gender reveal

A large black ballon filled with blue or pink color. Usually, candy or powder is used as a filler. During the culmination, when everyone is ready to find out the sex of the child, future parents pierce the ball and the filler flies out, and all can see to who it will be, a boy or a girl. If you’re interested, here is a link to this type of product.

2. Smoke bombs

smoke bombs gender reveal

Smoke bombs are lit and waiting for what color smoke will be. This cloud will tell all those present what sex your child will have. Be sure to use outdoors. There are a lot of different examples and variations on this topic you can see on our page instagram  @genderrevealshow

3. Gender Reveal Box

Decorate a large box and fill it with pink or blue balloons. Also in the box you can hide the already finished balls in the shape of a boy or girl. You can hide anyone or anything, whether it be a set of clothes for a newborn or a relative (or a pet), on which there will be identification signs of the floor, such as a pink scarf and a hat …. the main thing is to give free rein to you or to those who will to organize this event. If you’re interested, here is a link to this type of product.

4. Cake for gender reveal.

cake gender reveal

Inside the cake, hide a blue or pink filling or cream, thus, in order to know the sex of the child, it is necessary to cut the cake.

5.Confetti Cannon

Here We simply prepare cannon with confetti of the right color and use them at the right time. It looks very impressive when a large number of guests together with future parents blow up at the same time these cannon. If you’re interested, here is a link to this type of product.

6. Sports equipment

You can choose from a wide range of sports, with the help of which you can reveal the secret of the future sex of the child. I met these: a baseball, a soccer ball, football, basketball, a puck, golf balls, shooting a target or darts …. Most importantly, in each ball or target there is powder of the desired color. If you’re interested, here is a link to this type of product.

7. Using cars or motorcycles

Here, mainly colored powder is used which is placed under the wheels of cars or motorcycles, drivers start to slip on the spot, erasing the shell, thus reaching the powder, forming a colored cloud symbolizing the sex of the child. Also, there are variations of the use of balloons filled with powder, they are put on the exhaust systems of a car or a motorcycle, the balloons inflate and then burst. You can see examples on our instagram page @genderrevealshow. If you’re interested, here is a link to this  type of product.

8. Big Inflatable Baby

This is a very fun option for gender reveal party.  Its essence is that the person for whom it will be decided to wear an inflatable suit, was the most fun and groovy. At a crucial moment when all the guests are ready to know the sex of the future child, “He” should appear, the main person of this party, and with his bright appearance and clockwork dances will convey all the positive things to everyone present. Vivid examples of this can be found on our instagram  page @genderreveal. If you’re interested, here is a link to this type of product.

9. Pinata

Pinata is usually filled with Confetti or with balloons of the desired color and in a solemn atmosphere it is opened or disassembled. If you’re interested, here is a link to this type of product.

10. Mix two transparent liquids for gender reveal.

gender reveal transparent liquids

Look at this! From two transparent liquids you will get either a pink one or a blue one! I like this idea for a cozy homely atmosphere.

We have listed for you the most popular ideas for the organization of gender reveal party, but there are still not so popular , but no less bright for example : coloring liquid , fireworks, decoration with garlands of houses and trees, dumping in the aircraft powder of the desired color, hair coloring and many other options…A lot of the most diverse examples of the organization Gender Reveal Party you can look on our Instagram page @genderrevealshow or our YouTube Channel.

Unleash your imagination and you will definitely be able to organize one of the most memorable days of your life.

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