Pregnant and insomnia

insomnia during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy, according to statistics, from 60 to 80 percent of women suffer. Above all she has both physiological and psychological reasons.

The first are hormonal changes (insomnia may be caused by progesterone preserving pregnancy, which causes the body to mobilize all available forces and resources), an enlarged stomach (it’s difficult to find a comfortable posture), heartburn, shortness of breath, cramps in the legs, frequent urination ( the growing uterus is pressing on the bladder). The baby moves in the womb and excessive fatigue.

Psychological causes of insomnia in pregnant women can be nightmares. Also fear of the upcoming changes, any worries related to health.

Insomnia must be discussed with a doctor – he will give valuable recommendations, taking into account the general condition of the future mother and the particularities of the development of her pregnancy. If necessary, the specialist will prescribe medicines, but it is strictly forbidden to prescribe yourself sleeping drugs.

A woman herself can only try to establish the cause of poor sleep and eliminate it with available methods.

Before bedtime you can:

Take a walk

A walk should not bring discomfort to a woman: if it is too cold outside or it is raining, which only annoys the future mother, it is better to stay at home and breathe in moist air while standing at the window. If the weather allows, then you can take a walk for a husband, younger children or pets, the company will help to distract from disturbing thoughts.

Take a warm bath or shower

Water will help the muscles to relax, and for an extra effect, you can add a few drops of essential oil (for example, lavender) to the bath. After water procedures you need to spread the body with oil or lotion for pregnant women. Special means will soften the skin and help to avoid itching in those places where it has stretched.

Wear comfortable pajamas or a shirt

Nightwear should be made of natural fabric. The future mother should be comfortable in her pajamas, in addition, the sleeping suit should be matched to the season.

Make a massage

About this you can ask your husband or someone from the household. The back and arm massage should be light, but long enough for a woman to feel its relaxing effect. The legs can be massaged if there is no varicose veins or the risk of thrombosis, but even then this should be done with caution.

Have sex

If the doctor did not forbid the future mother to have sex, then sex can become a wonderful ritual before bedtime. Thus positive emotions, physical exertion and subsequent relaxation should set a woman into a good sound sleep.

Lay on pillows

As well It is especially useful to have a special pillow for pregnant women in the last periods, which can be placed between the legs, under the head, under the back or under the neck, and find a comfortable position for sleeping. Under the head and back you can put a few pillows, sitting half-sitting down – it will be easier to breathe, and the heartburn will begin to recede.

Before bedtime it is undesirable:

Lay back

Better not to sleep on the back in the last stages of pregnancy – under the weight of the abdomen, the vena cava running along the spine is squeezed. This makes breathing and access of oxygen to the fetus difficult. Doctors advise sleeping on the left side to increase blood flow to the uterus.

Drink plenty of fluids

A pregnant woman should monitor the volume of consumed and excreted fluid, and she does not need excess water. In addition, the water will cause more than once to get up and go to the toilet. It is especially undesirable to drink coffee and tea, especially green. If a pregnant woman loves or wants to drink coffee, she can choose a decaffeinated variety and drink it in the morning.

Arrange important meetings

All the activities associated with physical and mental activity, decision-making, communicating with a large number of people can harm sleep. All such meetings are best held in the morning.


If earlier the habit of sleeping for a few hours before a night’s rest did not interfere with a woman, then during pregnancy she can make unpleasant adjustments to the regime, and it is better to refuse it. When tiredness strikes, it is better to leave the bedroom so that there is no temptation to go to bed – it should be associated only with night rest in the body.


Fatty and spicy foods trigger heartburn. In addition, instead of resting, the body will have to spend energy on the digestion of food. If you really want to eat, for an hour before bedtime, you can afford boiled white meat.

So, we have reviewed with you the main points that will help you cope with the problem of insomnia during pregnancy.

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