planning pregnancy

How to be prepared for pregnancy: 12 things parents need to do.

In General, a healthy woman can and does not prepare for anything. But, first, who knows how healthy we are, and secondly, there is no limit to perfection. Therefore, two or three months of life can be devoted to training. During this time, you can catch everything you need.

1. Collect information about pregnancy

You should always start with information. Understand why pregnancy occurs at all, how it passes, how the fetus will develop and what to expect from childbirth. This must be done in advance. Then at least it will be clear how the body will behave.

To ask and need to learn from the experts, not from national experts forums. There are schools and courses for future parents, which can and should be attended not only during pregnancy, but also before it.

Important: you need to collect information together with your partner. It’s not just a woman’s thing.

2. Visit the therapist

First, you need to go to the doctor if you have any chronic diseases. Ask what you do when you are planning a pregnancy. You may have to adjust the diet or replace some medication.

Secondly, if there are no diseases, you need to make sure of this and at least donate blood to check the sugar level.

3. Go to the dentist

You still have to go to the dentist after registering for pregnancy. But it is better to treat the teeth before pregnancy, in order not to take additional medications (the same anesthetic) and not be nervous. Moreover, the frequency of caries and gum disease increases during pregnancy.

4. And to the gynecologist (and the future father - to the urologist)

A gynecologist and a urologist should check how healthy you are and are ready for pregnancy. You can go to the profile doctors in the last place. At the same time pass the mandatory tests for sexually transmitted infections and standard smears.

5. Pass the tests.

Both men and women need to know their HIV status and be tested for antibodies to hepatitis B. Even if you think that such diseases will never affect you, see this again.

6. Start taking folic acid

Folic acid is a vitamin that is needed in order for the future fetus to properly form a neural tube and not have defects in the nervous system.

To prepare for pregnancy, it is recommended to take 400 μg of folic acid Planning for Pregnancy every day. Reception continues until the 12th week of pregnancy. In some diseases, such as diabetes or epilepsy, the dose may be increased, but this should be discussed with your doctor.

7. Quit smoking

Smoking during pregnancy leads to a lot of problems that can affect the health of the child, and fatally. For example, smoking mothers often have miscarriages, premature births, and children are more likely to die from sudden infant mortality syndrome Stop smoking in pregnancy.

Close ones should also be taught in advance to stop smoking in the house: passive smoking also affects health. It is necessary to get used to the new regime without cigarettes before pregnancy, so as not to expose the child to danger.

8. Stop drinking alcohol

And even drink – just in case. While there is no evidence that alcohol somehow affects the mother’s egg. But there is evidence that he has a disgusting effect on the child. Alcohol penetrates the placental barrier, and the undeveloped liver of the fetus cannot process it. As a result, the risk of miscarriage and premature birth increases, and the child may subsequently suffer from developmental disabilities.

Early pregnancy is hard to notice. Therefore, if you are planning a child and are working on it, give up alcohol. Most likely, half a glass of Drinking alcohol while pregnant champagne at a party will not do any harm. But why risk when you can just not drink?

9. How prepare your body for pregnancy

Usually “bring yourself in shape” begin after childbirth. But if you are overweight or obese, it is desirable to lose weight in advance. This is about a medical problem, and not about the need to get into clothes size XXS.

Excess weight begins when body mass index is more than 25, and obesity – when this indicator is more than 30. In general, this is not the most accurate parameter, because everyone has a different ratio of muscle and fat mass. But, most likely, the body mass index with a value approaching 30 will be either for athletes (who closely monitor their condition and know if they have problems with weight), or people with really overweight and obesity.

And it can badly affect pregnancy. Because of excess weight, pregnant women often increase blood pressure, blood clots form and develop gestational diabetes. These conditions can harm the mother and child and generally threaten the entire pregnancy.

10. Find your favorite sport

During pregnancy, physical activity is very necessary. But not every sport is good for mother and child. Therefore, it is better to decide in advance which option you prefer: swimming, yoga, walking. Start practicing more during planning, so that you do not get an unexpectedly heavy load during pregnancy.

11. Recount budget

Pregnancy is expensive. Children are expensive. Not that transcendental, but expensive. How not to go broke on the child and everything connected with it:

  • Count the money. Paid or free clinic to choose? How much is it? Who goes on maternity leave (after all, not only mom or dad, but even grandmother and grandfather can do it by law)?
  • Make a shopping list. What do you have to buy and what not? Take new things or buy used ones, but at times cheaper?
  • Start saving money. If before the birth of a child you could afford to live from paycheck to paycheck, then in the status of parents such a regime will not work. Airbag should be.

12. Get started

Do not try to get pregnant as soon as possible. It may take several months, up to the year Treating Infertility. And this is completely normal.

The desire to have a child sometimes pushes parents to do strange things: a constant calculation of ovulation, scheduled sex and an endless search for miraculous means and poses, while the best way to get pregnant is to relax and make love regularly. Do not dwell on the mandatory conception, read the best articles about sex. And let the period when you were going to become parents, you will have the best memories.