Today, every 3 to 4 pregnancy ends with delivery using cesarean, which makes recovery much longer and more difficult. Our tips for quick recovery after surgical delivery will help you to regain your former shape faster.

Changes in a woman’s body occur even during surgery: the uterus immediately after extraction of the baby begins to contract rapidly, which helps to stop bleeding. It will reach pregnant sizes after 6 – 8 weeks after childbirth, so doctors recommend undergoing a complete gynecological examination at these times.

1. Do not lie long after cesarean section

So, the first time after surgical delivery it is recommended to get up after 6 – 12 hours under the supervision of medical staff. At this time, you will still be in the intensive care unit or intensive care unit. You should not get up on your own in the first 12 hours.

2. Do More Activity

A few hours after giving birth, you need to try to move more, overcoming pain: do simple exercises (for example, bend and unbend your hands, make rotational movements with your feet) and turn from side to side. Do not be afraid of diverging seams, because they are well sewn with threads.

3. Put the baby to the chest.

During sucking, oxytocin is produced in large quantities, due to which the uterus contracts faster.

4. Lie on your stomach

After 24 to 48 hours after cesarean, doctors advise lying on your stomach: this helps to better reduce the smooth muscles of the uterus.

5. Watch for bowel and urinary emptying

Even before the start of the operation, a urinary catheter will be installed for the prevention of bladder injury and control of urine excretion in the first day after it. When the catheter is removed, empty the bladder regularly because its filling interferes with the rapid contraction of the uterus.

Watch for bowel movements: if the first bowel movement did not occur within three days after cesarean, then you will be given an enema.

6. Monitor your diet and drinking regimen.

Drink more warm water and herbal teas (such as fennel). This will improve lactation and will prevent constipation that interferes with the rapid recovery after cesarean section surgery.

As for nutrition, protein foods should prevail on your menu, and fiber should also be included in the diet: vegetables and fruits that will not harm your baby.

7. Properly care for the scar

So, the seams will be removed on the seventh day. Before and after removing the sutures until the scar is completely healed, it must be treated with alcohol infusion: usually, doctors recommend calendula tincture or green leaf. Shower is allowed to take 3 days after surgery, if the doctor permits (sometimes you can not go to the shower for at least 7 days).

8. Keep track of the selections.

Normally, Lochia is abundant and bright red in the first three days after cesarean. Further, their number decreases, more mucus is secreted, and their color will be from yellow to brown. Fully lochia will stop by 6-8 weeks after giving birth.

9. Abdominal massage

In the first days after the operation, you can massage the stomach in the following way: stroke it with light circular movements. This will not only help the uterus contract faster, but also improve intestinal motility.

10. Wear a bandage

The bandage is recommended to be worn for a month after cesarean, but not more than three hours in a row. The bandage will support weakened abdominal muscles and relieve pain during physical activity. During the rest you do not need it.