pregnancy bags for hospital

The future mothers need to collect the bag at the maternity hospital several weeks before the expected date of birth. Usually they take change clothes, personal hygiene items and newborn care items with them. But from the ladies’ handbags, jewelry and casual wear is better to give up.

For maternity responsible future mothers begin to prepare in advance. And every pregnant woman is worried about the question: “What should I take to the maternity hospital?” For those who do not want to forget the basic necessities, in a hurry when collecting the bag, we have compiled lists of the most necessary things. With their help, staying in the ward can be made as comfortable as possible.

Things for yourself for a hospital pregnancy bag

A bag in the maternity hospital should be collected a month before the preliminary date of delivery. A list of necessary things can be obtained in their antenatal clinic. You may need:

• Documents (passport, medical insurance policy and others);

• Bathrobe and two nightgowns (check at the hospital if you can bring your own or need to use the hospital);

• Rubber slippers (give preference to “slippers” without fasteners, since it will be problematic to bend over after childbirth);

• Hygiene products (toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cream with a neutral odor, a comb, Bepanten ointment for nipple cracks);

• Towels for hands and body, wet wipes;

• Packaging of urological pads and packing of pads for the mammary glands;

• Packaging of disposable pants or 5-6 ordinary, two bras for feeding, several pairs of socks (will be useful already in the delivery room);

• Smartphone, Book or its electronic version, laptop, and chargers for them;

The breast pump is a rather controversial thing and, although many mothers recommend it, it is better not to buy it in advance, but ask your husband to bring it if it becomes difficult to feed.

Things for baby a hospital pregnancy bag

In respect of the newborn in each hospital, strict rules are also established, which must be clarified in advance. If it is not forbidden to bring with you things and hygiene products for your baby in a medical institution, you will need:

• 3 warm diapers and 5 thin ones for changing. Disposable absorbent nappies are perfect for changing clothes and examinations;

• Small pack of diapers for children from 3 to 6 kilograms (size “two”). You should not take a big pack, as the baby may have an allergy to the chosen brand;

• Wet wipes and cream under the diaper, cotton pads, cotton swabs for the treatment of the umbilical wound;

• Three bodysuits or undershirts, three pants or sliders, two pairs of bootees and scratches, two caps (thin and more dense). Clothing for newborns should be made only from natural fabrics, soft, seams out and with little or no finishing. All things should be pre-washed and ironed before use. Choose the sliders and overalls, unbuttoned from the bottom, so that you can change the diapers without undressing the baby;

Bottles (at least two), the mixture and the sterilizer (if you plan to artificial feeding), as well as the nipple for children from 0 to 3 months.