The third trimester of pregnancy is the final period of childbearing. It begins with the twenty-seventh obstetric week. A little more – and mom hug the long-awaited baby.

Although the third trimester is already in its final stages, a woman may face various health risks, which we will discuss in this section.

Anyway, and the majority of women remember pregnancy, as the most tremulous period of life, despite all the inconveniences that they experience. After all, it is not the process that is remembered, but the end result – the birth of a beloved child.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, antenatal leave begins. He is given to a woman to rest and gain strength. Now is the time to come to grips with preparing for the imminent appearance of the baby. Attend courses for future parents, prepare the clothes and furniture for the child, decide on the hospital where your child will be born.

Many women in the third trimester get tired of pregnancy and want it to be completed as soon as possible. This is understandable: an enlarged belly makes the expectant mother clumsy, makes it difficult to sleep, causes shortness of breath. Most women have fear of oncoming labor. Do not worry: this is a physiological process whose outcome – the appearance of a baby – makes you very quickly forget the unpleasant moments associated with it.


Due to the impressive size of the uterus, a woman feels a lot of inconvenience every day. This applies to the process of dressing and undressing, putting on shoes. A heavy belly affects the gait of women, there is a so-called gait of a duck. The uterus fills the entire space – it shifts the internal organs and reduces the space for the lungs. In this regard, women suffer from shortness of breath at the end of the third trimester.

The baby continues to grow. Space for his maneuvers is less and less, because of this, the mother constantly feels the movement of the baby, his kicks and coups. Often, kids love to rest their mom’s legs on the rib. In general, to say that this is discomfort, is to say nothing.

Many of the above problems lead to sleep disturbances in pregnant women. Often, when a woman got ready to go to sleep, the baby just woke up, he is full of strength and energy. In addition, hormonal imbalance strongly undermines the psycho-emotional state of the pregnant woman. The head of the woman is overflowed with fears and disturbing thoughts, there is no time for sleep.

Constant “highlight” of pregnancy is the clumsiness caused by the extra weight gained during pregnancy. Back pains accompany a woman constantly. Morning nausea can remind you again.

The third trimester of pregnancy is accompanied by the risk of preterm birth. One of the possible problems of this period is placental insufficiency, the timely treatment of which will save the child from developmental delay. All pregnancy, a woman needs to take vitamin complexes and monitor nutrition.

Possible problems in the third trimester

Risky moments are bleeding. The causes of their occurrence may be different. The first thing to do in this case is to rush to the doctor. Bleeding itself is not dangerous for a baby, but a woman often gets a “pass” to a cesarean section.

One of the most serious moments is the entanglement of the fetus by the umbilical cord. If a strong entanglement is detected, the obstetrician-gynecologist will most likely prescribe an emergency cesarean section or stimulation of labor to save the child.

What may cause anxiety to the expectant mother in the third trimester of pregnancy?

  • Swelling of the legs and night cramps
  • Heartburn
  • Excretion of small droplets of urine during cough
  • Lower back pain
  • Frequently recurring insomnia
  • Severe headache, dizziness
  • Bleeding gums


To make you feel better during the third trimester and avoid edema, you should reduce the amount of water you drink per day, do not wear tight-fitting clothing that restricts movement, try to walk more often in the fresh air for short distances.

Avoid physical exertion (if possible, you can visit the pool).

It is still impossible to smoke and stay close to smokers, take alcoholic beverages and medications without a doctor’s prescription. Try not to overwork, sleep enough, do not conflict with relatives, colleagues, etc. (stresses are contraindicated to you now).


At the final stage of pregnancy, sex is not contraindicated for the expectant mother. However, now the stomach is rounded so that you need to remember about the restrictions only comfortable positions for your partner. The partner must be extremely attentive and sensitive. Sex is not just intimate intimacy, it is a manifestation of love, the ability to surround your spouse with affection, tenderness and give her joy.

Future mothers still need a favorable psycho-emotional climate, a positive mood and a sense of security. Moderate sexual intercourse with particular attention to the partner partner can not harm it, but rather contribute to these factors.

When the planned date of birth is already behind, and the baby is “not in a hurry” to be born, lovemaking by young spouses can stimulate the onset of labor. Some pregnant girls (at week 39-42), tired of their “interesting position”, thus, along with the future father, speed up the course of events, provoking the onset of labor.

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