Second pregnancy - differences from the first.

Second pregnancy

Physiological and psychological differences.
How to prepare the first child for the birth of the second?

You are waiting for the second child. Anxious thoughts are often mixed with joyful and exciting experiences. I want to know how the second pregnancy will pass, how it will differ from the first one in physiological and emotional terms. Uncertainty is always a little alarming.

Do not worry, everything will go well. The differences, of course, will be. It is true to say what changes to touch you, only a fortune teller will predict. Therefore, we offer you to familiarize yourself with some of the features that can expect you.


Usually the second pregnancy is a little easier. Firstly, you already know what awaits you ahead, and on a subconscious level, tune in to a new pregnancy, and secondly, the organism itself adapts more easily to the changes taking place, because he had already experienced this state.

It is likely that your tastes will change. If in the last pregnancy you could not live without a salty one, then this time it will pull on sour or sweet, or in general, there may be no taste preferences. Toxicosis will torment much less or not at all, although there are exceptions.

But varicose veins with each subsequent pregnancy is manifested more and more. Therefore, if you encounter this problem in everyday life, during pregnancy you should take extra care of your legs: do not overload them, spending too much time on your feet, and wear special compression garments.

In this pregnancy you will not be able to spend a lot of time, although you will get tired more. After all, now you have a child who requires care and attention. In order not to be under stress, try to evenly distribute the time during the day so that, without rummaging, it is enough for household chores, child, husband and, most importantly, your rest.

My age - my experience

If the second pregnancy is passed on to young years, or not so much time has passed after the first birth, the waiting time for the second child will be very similar to the first pregnancy. And here, if the second pregnancy falls at the age of 35-40 years or older, the woman may face some difficulties.

 First, no matter what they say, but at first, colleagues and grandmothers on the bench will be whispering behind your back. Although now in the world the number of late childbirth is rapidly increasing, but the mentality of people does not always keep up with fashion trends. Especially in small cities. People’s gossip will not have any effect on their state of health, but they will not add pleasant moments either. Therefore, try to simply ignore them.

Secondly, with age various diseases appear. During pregnancy, they can worsen. Therefore, the state of your health in this period should be treated with great attention. You will have to take more tests than in the first pregnancy, more often to visit the local gynecologist, genetics and other specialists. For your own good and the health of the unborn child, follow all the recommendations, even if you think they will be too many.

 Although a woman at 35-40 years of age often looks very young, her body is already tired. And if the first pregnancy, being younger, you have endured easily enough, now fatigue will accompany you quite often. So do not hesitate to connect for more active help with the husband and elder child.

First, but not the only

This moment can become an important distinctive feature of the second pregnancy. Therefore, he should pay due attention. According to the results of numerous surveys that were conducted at different times, most of the first-borns are very painful and jealous of the news of the appearance of a brother or sister in the near future. And this will not necessarily be expressed as an indicative protest, often children have feelings inside themselves. After all, he managed to get used to the role of the universal pet, to be the center of attention. No matter how old a child is, 3 or 15, it is necessary to conduct preparatory conversations with him. Only, depending on his character, age, it is necessary to choose the right approach.

When the second baby is born, at first try to devote more time to the eldest son or daughter so that they do not feel superfluous. However, after the birth of the baby, the older children very quickly get used to the new family member, and express a desire to play or care for him. It is clear that the eldest son or daughter will help the mother with the housework or in the care of the baby. Just do not forget that the eldest child is also a child, he has his own childish life, he needs to play, learn, communicate with peers. Do not shift too much load on it. No need to ask him to constantly walk with a stroller or sit at home with the baby when peers play in the yard. Let him, too, chase the ball with them, go to the cinema or sit at the computer.

Interesting facts about the second pregnancy

 – It is believed that the second pregnancy lasts a week or two less than the first. This is not true. Any birth can begin earlier, later, or on time, the sequence of pregnancies does not affect this. But the fact that the time of childbirth in the second pregnancy is often shorter than the first one is true. Therefore, at the first bouts, do not pull with a trip to the hospital, childbirth can begin rapidly.

 – From the fact that the walls of the abdominal cavity stretched during the first pregnancy, the second, the tummy will be noticeable earlier. The first tremors of the child you also feel for 2-3 weeks earlier.

 – The first few days after delivery, the uterus will continue to contract. If after the first birth, you almost did not feel it, then after the second and subsequent birth, uterine contractions occur more painfully. This will be especially noticeable when breastfeeding a baby.

 – In the second pregnancy, the uterus with the baby is slightly lower, which creates additional pressure on the lower back and bladder. Therefore, pain in the lower back and more frequent urge to urinate. The situation can be corrected if you wear a supporting bandage.