A bandage is an orthopedic product that performs a more medical and less cosmetic function. In fact, if you choose the right bandage and wear it correctly, it will become your indispensable assistant during pregnancy.

• If you spend a lot of time on your legs and lead an active lifestyle (when the expectant mother is in an upright position for 3 hours a day or longer), the bandage is simply necessary because the main function of the bandage for pregnant women is to support the abdomen. Especially needed is a bandage for working women;

• Your baby grows, and with it increases the load on your internal organs and spine. A bandage for pregnant women will help reduce these loads, thereby relieving back pain, as well as pain in the lumbar region with curvature of the spine and osteochondrosis;

• You have sore feet or varicose veins, a bandage will help in this case;

• Repeated pregnancy, during which the abdominal wall stretches faster and stronger (“flabby abdomen”), weak pelvic muscles protects from overstretching of muscles, there is a predisposition to stretch marks (stretch marks) – a bandage is necessary;

• In addition to helping you, a bandage fixes the fetus in the correct position in the uterus, prevents excessive lowering of the baby and, as a result, can prevent premature labor;

• Late terms of pregnancy (end of the second, beginning of the third trimester);

• Obligatory indications for wearing a bandage in obstetric pathology: uterine scar, threatened miscarriage, high water content, multiple pregnancy, excessive increase in uterine size, large fetus size, abnormal presentation of the fetus, low location of the placenta;

As you can see, a bandage during pregnancy can be very useful, but there is one contraindication. There is only one contraindication for wearing a bandage – the fetus is located in the uterine cavity in the wrong position. If the doctor said that your baby is not in a longitudinal position, head down, but cross-legged or legs down – wearing a bandage can lead to the fact that if the child wants to roll over to the correct position, the bandage will not allow him to do it, as one of its properties is the fixation of the fetus in the uterus.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt



A patented belt that is considered one of the best support belts for pregnant women that have won many ‘Top choice’ and ‘family choice’ awards. The Gabrialla belt is a medium support belt that provides support and comfort throughout your pregnancy so you can remain active. The belt is available in a range of colors and sizes and is made out of 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra.
Vestal recommends this elastic maternity belt from Gabrialla and likes the fact that it has a back pocket that can accommodate a hot or cold pack, which can  “a lifesaver” if you’re experiencing that kind of pain


AZMED Maternity Belt



Listed as a #1 best seller in maternity support on Amazon, the Azmed Maternity Belt helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by providing relief from hip and pelvic pain and other typical stretching pains during pregnancy.
It is a soft and breathable belt binder that is adjustable to assist in correcting poor posture and support weakened abdominal muscles.
The Azmed Maternity Belt is fast becoming popular for many expecting moms.


NEOtech Care Pregnancy Support Brace



This Neotech Care maternity support belt helps alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the lumbar and abdominal regions. Designed for those suffering from lower back pain due to pregnancy. It has 4 elastic side panels adding support and compression while allowing aeration.





A belt that provides excellent support for your tummy, back, and waist without limiting your movements.
Can be worn all day and is made from a soft, stretchy breathable material with velcro closures that can fit securely around any bump.
It is fully adjustable so it will last your entire pregnancy.
The Babo Abdominal Binder comes with easy step-by-step instructions to ensure you put it on correctly.





The Yosoo Maternity Belt can provide extra support to relieve most pregnancy discomforts while also providing hip stability.
It helps lessen spinal pressure caused by unbalanced baby weight.
The belt is made out of a lightweight and breathable cotton and spandex material with skin friendly Velcro that is adjustable, so it will always fit your growing belly.
The belt is reasonably priced, and you can also use it on your postpartum tummy!

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