Hair coloring during pregnancy: the pros and cons


During pregnancy, many women refuse to dye their hair, because they do not want to put their unborn baby at risk. In order not to look messy, the procedure can be performed. But subject to certain precautions.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but a unique period in a woman’s life, filled with the happiness of expectation and the joy of the opportunity to give life to a new man …

At this time, nothing should upset the expectant mother: neither relatives, nor weather, nor work colleagues. And even more so – its own reflection in the mirror. If the paragraph on a thin waist has to be postponed for some time, then it is hardly necessary to refuse beautiful luxurious hair. Especially if you are used to dye your hair regularly.

You will say that mom and grandmother strongly recommend that you forget about yourself, since even their great-grandmothers considered hair coloring during pregnancy to be unacceptable. You can listen to mom and grandmother with their recommendations and advice … And you can do what you do in other contentious situations – listen to the advice of loved ones, the opinions of experts, weigh the pros and cons and draw your own conclusions.

Arguments that can calm your Anxiety

Skin contact with dyes is negligible (with good stylist skill – minimal), even less it enters the bloodstream. Such a minuscule should not affect the health of the child. Moreover, it is reliably protected by the placenta.

For coloring, you do not need to buy the cheapest and most harmful paints – you can purchase branded cosmetics with a minimum content of harmful substances.

It is advisable to apply any substance with a slight deviation from the roots, which will eliminate the possibility of contact with the skin, and then into the body.

Reduce the negative impact allows the selection of the type of staining. The best option for such cases is highlighting, bronding, shatusha and other types of tinting, involving the application of pigments on separate strands, and with a margin of 2-3 cm from the roots. Ombre makes it look no less luxurious. In this case, coloring substances are applied to the lower part of the length, which completely excludes the contact of paints with skin integuments.

Speaking “for” staining during pregnancy, stylists also recommend using pigmenting shampoos and balms, the formula of which does not include active toxic substances.

Whatever paint they offer to expectant mothers, they are sure to stipulate one nuance: you may not get the tone you intended at all. The fact is that during pregnancy hormonal changes occur in the female body and, thanks to them, hair can react unpredictably to chemicals.

This and other arguments are used by opponents of stains.

ARGUMENTS Which speak not in favor of coloring during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman’s body lacks vitamins and minerals, so the general condition of the hair worsens. The paint thins and weakens them even more.

Dyes contain harmful substances that can cause coughing and allergies, headaches and inflammation. It is also noted that women who dye their hair every month are at risk of getting cancer much more often than those who use dyes less often or completely refuse them.

Thirdly, no one has studied the effects of paints on the future baby …

The last argument is used by both supporters and opponents of staining during pregnancy.

But the dispute can be resolved in favor of both parties: dye your hair in compliance with certain precautions.


In the first trimester, refuse the services of a stylist. It is not worth experimenting with dyes, since it is on this period that the baby’s organs are formed, and the female body itself is radically rebuilt.

Do not dye your hair with severe toxicosis, as the slightest irritant can cause acute allergic reactions. Even if the paint is familiar to you, and you have used it many times before, be sure to conduct a test for susceptibility to the product before painting, just in case.

Increase the intervals between stains to the maximum possible. Moreover, not due to the use of dyes that are resistant to ammonia, but due to the selection of a gentle method of staining (ombre, bronding, highlighting).

Buy harmless coloring matter. Recently, many have recommended silk dyeing, which is carried out using American-made ammonia-free dyes labeled CHI Ionic. The paint allows you to get the desired shade, does not injure the bulb and hair growth zone. On the contrary, it restores and improves the condition of curls, stabilizes metabolic processes in the scalp.