32 week pregnancy

A busy program is waiting for a woman at 32 weeks pregnant. Ahead of the third ultrasound screening, which will assess the condition of the fetus, calculate its weight and calculate the amount of amniotic fluid. According to the results of the ultrasound, the doctor will be able to predict the course of the remaining weeks of pregnancy and draw up a rough plan for the management of labor.

32 week pregnancy
32 week pregnancy

Fetal development

At 32 obstetric week, the baby continues to grow rapidly. Now the main weight gain of a pregnant woman comes at the expense of the fetus. The weight of the baby is 1500-1800 g, body length – 40-43 cm. Indicators of physical development depend on heredity, as well as on the individual conditions of intrauterine existence.

In the third trimester, the fetus spends most of its time in a dream. In periods of wakefulness, the child actively moves, recalling himself with very tangible jolts in the stomach. The baby is already crowded, and it is becoming more and more difficult to roll over from side to side every week. Most of the children at this time already occupy a stable position in the uterine cavity – the head or buttocks to the entrance to the small pelvis.

All internal organs of the fetus work as usual. The development of the vascular network and surfactant accumulation continues in the lungs. Due to the reserves of this substance, children born for a period of 32 weeks are able to breathe independently. The endocrine glands produce hormones that ensure the constancy of all body fluids.

Every day the baby becomes more and more like a full-term newborn. The skin of the fetus becomes peculiar to her pale pink shade, fluffy hair becomes thinner and disappears. Fat tissue is deposited on the stomach, buttocks and around the joints. Formed subcutaneous fatty tissue helps the baby maintain optimal body temperature after birth.

Condition of a mom

In the third trimester, the nervous system of a woman enters a phase of inhibition. Weakness, drowsiness, apathy – all these symptoms are familiar to many expectant mothers. The woman’s body is gradually preparing for the upcoming birth and accumulates strength for the final breakthrough. During this period, it is recommended to rest as much as possible, delegate the household chores to close people, avoid stress and not overwork.

The total weight gain at week 32 is 7-9 kg. The abdomen quickly grows in size, the uterus is located in the middle of the distance between the pubis and the xiphoid process. Milk rush provokes an increase in the mammary glands. The movements of the woman become smooth and slow, the gait changes. Managing your body and maintaining balance becomes more difficult.

In the middle of the third trimester, blood supply to the genital organs increases, which leads to increased vaginal discharge. The discharge is still thick, viscous, clear or milky. Itching, burning, and other discomfort should not bother a pregnant woman. The appearance of purulent or bloody discharge. If any of these symptoms occur, you should be examined by a gynecologist.

The movements of the fetus are felt above the navel and in the lateral parts of the abdomen. Now the baby does not move so intensely, because in the mother’s womb there is little room for maneuver. The future mother should feel the movement of the fetus every hour, except for the time of deep sleep of the child. If the movements are not felt throughout the day, you should consult a doctor.

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