Swaddle or not? If you are just waiting for the birth of a baby, this question, of course, will worry you. Many consider the swaddling of a child a phenomenon out of date. Why bind the baby when there are a lot of clothes, including “special” – interfering with scratching or moderating the chaotic movements of the newborn?

Swaddles are designed not only to replace clothes that are unusual for a baby, but also to imitate a cozy mother’s tummy, from which recently it was born. The walls of the uterus limited the movement of the baby, and the unlimited space around him at first may frighten the child. Have you noticed how a newborn from time to time throws up its arms and legs, after which it wakes up and cries? He wakes himself up in uncontrolled movements that drive him into a panic.

Now a very large selection of a wide variety of swaddles. Therefore, we have selected for you the best swaddles that are presented on the modern market for goods:

1. Halo SleepSack Swaddle

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle Micro Fleece
Halo Sleepsack Swaddle Micro Fleece

A veteran of the sleepsack business, Halo makes a variety of wearable sleep blankets, including this soft, plush swaddle suit. It comes in three soft, pastel colors—cream, pink, and blue— and is made of 100 percent polyester. It also comes in a variety of other materials to suit warmer or colder climates and patterns.

This doesn’t take as much skill to master as some of the other swaddle options, as it has a zipper up the middle, which brilliantly unzips from the bottom to make diaper changes easy, and adjustable fasteners that keep the swaddle in place. It’s versatile too, as you can choose to swaddle your baby one of three ways—with arms in, hands-to-face or one or both arms—to match their sleep style. This one is also endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for being “Hip Healthy.”

The Halo Sleepsack makes swaddling a no-brainer, thanks to the zipper and velcro wings. And because it zips from the bottom, diaper changes are quick. Unlike typical swaddles, this sleepsack style is looser around the legs and provides more options for securing your baby’s arms. (You can even leave arms out and fasten the wings around their waist.) It also helps make the transition out of swaddles easier. It zips from the bottom for quick diaper changes. Unlike typical swaddles, this sleepsack style is looser around the legs and provides more options for securing your baby’s arms. (You can even leave arms out and fasten the wings around their waist.) It also helps make the transition out of swaddles easier.

Parents across the board really love using the velcro, but many say it can make a loud sound (which is not ideal during sleepy changing and feeding sessions).

2. Aden & Anais Classic Swaddle

Aden & Anais Classic Swaddle
Aden & Anais Classic Swaddle

Each swaddle is made out of 100% cotton muslin and they are pre-washed. The fabric is extremely soft and frequent washing does not compromise the quality. No need to worry about scratchy fabric that will pill after being washed just three times. Now a quick word about care. The company recommends washing your swaddle before your first use and machine washing in warm water with like colors. You can tumble dry the swaddles on low and should not iron or dry clean them.

These swaddles are made out fabric that is very breathable, which is important for reducing the risk of overheating. The fabric has an open weave, which allows for your baby to naturally regulate his or her body temperature in both hot and cold environments.
Next, I want to bring to your attention the size of the swaddles. The aden + anais swaddles are amazingly versatile due to their 47” x 47” size. The aden + anais website has a great video and a step-by-step guide on how to swaddle on their website. It was very helpful for me and I encourage you to check it out! These swaddles can even be used as a tummy time blanket or as a nursing cover for breastfeeding moms. The possibilities really are endless!

3. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle


Wrap your baby in the tenderness of a SwaddleMe cotton envelope with an original, adjustable fastening system.
Swaddling calms newborns by re-creating familiar feelings, like in a mother’s womb.
Soft-fitting, the envelope does not restrict the child’s movement, and at the same time helps to reduce the sudden jerk reflex, thanks to this the baby’s and parents’s sleep will be stronger.
Adjustable wings for closing the envelope are made in such a way that even the most active child will not be able to swaddle during sleep.
The hugs of the wings are adjusted as the child grows.
The envelope can be opened in the area of the baby’s legs for easy diaper changes – there is no need to unfold the baby’s handles.

This swaddler comes in 2 sizes: Small/Medium and Large. However, many have complained that the sizing isn’t always correct, and might vary by the fabric type and even within a single package; so be sure to try out the size before ripping off the tags and washing them! They also come in multiple designs for both boys and girls, with several cute patterns to choose from, and several different cloth types (cotton or microfleece).
Quantity in set: 2 pcs. (different colors)

4. Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original
Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

Love To Dream Swaddle UP is a sleeping jumpsuit designed for babies from birth to 4 months. Thanks to the convenient double-sided zipper, it is easy to put on in seconds. Unlike traditional swaddling, in which the baby’s arms are firmly pressed to the sides or crossed, the Swaddle UP shape allows the baby to sleep in a natural position with the arms raised up: the baby can reach for his arms, stroke his face to calm himself. Complacency is a longer dream for your child. Do not contain dangerous locks, Velcro, or excess fabric. Love To Dream is more convenient than a blanket: the baby will not freeze, because it remains wrapped up all night. Use your Swaddle UP jumpsuit according to your weight, not your baby’s age.

Lots of babies actually prefer to keep their arms up (“raise the roof” style) rather than tucked down at their sides or chest. The Love to Dream creates a secure space, while allowing newborns to position their arms upward. This is a great choice for babies who don’t like traditional swaddles, but still need their startle reflex calmed. Parents also love the ease of the zipper and hip-friendly leg positioning.
With arms in an upright position, babies can easily use their hands (albeit under the swaddle’s soft fabric) to self soothe…helping everyone get more sleep.

5. Woombie Original Baby Swadd

Woombie Original Baby Swadd
Woombie Original Baby Swadd

Swaddle your baby safely and effectively with a Woombie, an easy swaddle for babies with startle reflex and who are in need of a cozy yet gentle confinement.

The Woombie encourages baby to softly stretch extremities as needed, just like in the womb. It comforts, softly confines arms & gently compresses baby’s unique curves to hug baby… preventing startling issues, face scratching, overheating and also preventing loose unravelled blankets from covering baby’s face.

The Woombie is a unique peanut shaped zip-up swaddle with four way stretch cotton/spandex fabric that hugs the shape of your baby, imitating the womb.

  • Soft cotton fabric gently hugs baby
  • Great peanut shaped ergonomic design – hugs the shoulders/arms, waist/abdomen, hips and feet.
  • Baby feels secure, not confined, easing transition from womb to world.
  • Prevents unnecessary waking due to the startle reflex
  • Soothes babies with colic
  • Will not come undone
  • Promotes natural motor development by allowing baby to stretch
  • Easy to use, just zip it up  all Woombies have a two-way zipper for easier nappy changes