Can pregnant women get tattooed

The bright personality remains itself in any situation. Therefore, many young women are interested in whether it is possible to do tattoos during pregnancy? Whether it is harmful to the organism experiencing the increased load, whether such step does not pose danger to the unborn child yet, whether the level of danger depends on terms? Trifles in this matter does not happen, so we offer you a comprehensive analysis of it.


So, if you briefly answer the question, we immediately say that we believe that pregnant women should not do a tattoo, it is better to wait for a more favorable period. The reasons are many, among them there are purely external, do not pose a danger to the body, and medical, deeper, clearly demonstrating the potential danger of such a decision. Let’s start with the likely changes in appearance that can worsen the result:

  • Pregnancy is inextricably linked with changes in the figure, some women are faced with a set of excess weight. As a rule, adipose tissue is deposited in the lumbar region, in the lower back and on the hips. With the development of the fetus, the abdomen increases in size, so that tattoos made in these places can blur, deform, require serious correction, especially if they differ in large dimensions. After the birth of a child often remain stretch marks, also spoiling the appearance of the pattern. Of course, to minimize such changes in the figure can be appropriate care, competent diet, healthy lifestyle and wearing special bandages, but even compliance with these rules sometimes does not give the desired result.
  • Changes in hormonal background have a serious impact on the pigments. The skin takes the paint worse, the body rejects it, often there are even deviations from the original shade, so that the final result may be far from expectations, and in the negative direction.
  • Dry skin. Many people are faced with the fact that during pregnancy the skin becomes dry, requiring increased care, regular application of creams and lotions, the use of soft care products, and sometimes taking special vitamins and elements that restore the natural water balance. On dry skin, the master is much more difficult to work with, it fixes the pigment worse, there is a risk of blurring the contours.


There are more serious reasons to temporarily give up the tattoo:

  • Painful shock. It is no secret that the body during pregnancy is much more sensitive to external stimuli, and therefore the usual pain before may now seem simply unbearable. Pain shock is an extremely dangerous situation associated with loss of consciousness and the threat of miscarriage, regardless of the term. Yes, someone may notice that it is possible to increase the pain threshold by taking certain drugs and local anesthesia, but even here it is not so simple. Many medical products simply can not be used because of the mass of contraindications and the risk of allergies.
  • Allergy. An increased risk of an allergic reaction is also associated with a change in the sensitivity of the body due to fluctuations in the hormonal background. Even the” harmless ” black pigments are sometimes recorded Allergy, not to mention the red, yellow and other bright shades, which are initially at high risk.
  • Difficulties with recovery. Pregnancy is a huge burden on the body, it spends maximum resources to give the fetus the necessary nutrients, to provide conditions ideal for healthy growth and development without pathologies, so that any external load is undesirable. Even a cold can not go very long, let alone a tattoo, which, in fact, is a mechanical injury. Healing pattern can take longer than the standard one and a half weeks, due to slow tissue regeneration and restrictions on the use of certain ointments and creams.
  • Dizzinesses. Yes, these are conditions characteristic of a pregnant woman. Attacks of dizziness sometimes occur suddenly, without any preliminary symptoms. It is unlikely that you will want to faint while in the chair of the master.
  • Risk of infection. Just note that through our fault this can not happen.


Pregnant girls are often faced with characteristic skin diseases, which also limit the possibility of tattooing:

  • Plaques of pregnant women, specific papules, manifested by red bumps, swelling of tissues on the abdomen, arms, legs.
  • Prurigo. A reddish rash that is sometimes itchy, causes a lot of inconveniences to the constant itching. It can persist for several months after birth.
  • Impetigo. This pathology can be classified as a kind of psoriasis, but it is much more severe, often accompanied by chills, vomiting and other symptoms characteristic of a feverish state.
  • Hyperpigmentation. Darkening of individual areas of the skin. According to statistics, this symptom is very common, observed in 70% of women.

Can you breastfeed after getting a tattoo

It is established that the pigment particles can not penetrate into breast milk, even in small quantities, so it is unlikely that they will provoke an attack of an allergic reaction in the baby. However, even during this period, the mother’s body is very sensitive, and its condition directly affects the quality and volume of milk. We advise you to abandon the idea of tattoos and for the period of breastfeeding. It is much better to wait a little longer and get a tattoo after you have finished the period of breastfeeding.


So, is it possible to get a tattoo during pregnancy? Better to wait for a more appropriate moment, too many risks in this period – many of them are so serious that they can not be ignored in any case. If you are firmly convinced of their intentions, do not want to give up the idea, then advise the following:

  • Schedule a session for 2 or 3 trimesters. The internal organs of the fetus are already formed by this time, and therefore it is more resistant to external influences.
  • Limit yourself to a small pattern that can be done in a session lasting 2-3 hours. Long duration is a real torment.
  • Choose suitable places for the location of the pattern, so that the stomach is not subjected to stress, does not interfere with being in a chair or on the couch. Directly on the stomach, chest or back while the tattoo is better not to do. These parts of the body and are subject to the greatest deformities, and do not allow you to take a comfortable position. Forearms, shoulders, calves of the legs – the best solution.
  • We must not forget about the emotionality. In this tender period, the girl is extremely prone to mood swings, and therefore the choice of sketch may be biased, drawing quickly get bored, will be annoying.

During pregnancy, you can spend time choosing the desired pattern or choosing a tattoo parlor and tattoo artist who will make you a tattoo in the future. Look at it from a positive point of view – you have enough free time ahead to calmly make your choice, and after giving birth, finally put the desired tattoo and no longer worry about the unpleasant consequences!