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Waiting for the twins: a list of the most necessary things for the birth of babies

And so, you went out with an ultrasound. A hurricane of emotions sweep through your head, research has shown that you will have two babies at once! It is exciting and beautiful! But what to do now? How to prepare a home for the birth of twins, to provide comfort and convenience to their parents? Do I need to buy everything in a double copy now? Do not panic, we have compiled for you a list of must have things that you will need in the first place. If you have older children, then a lot of useful things are already available, but twins have their own specifics. And so, let’s try to figure it out.

Let’s start with the children’s room. You will need:

  • Two cribs. It is better if you immediately buy cribs, and do not use beautiful, but very short-lived cradles. This will save you money, time and even nerves. they still have to be replaced with cots, even after six months.
  • Two mattresses in a crib and a set of waterproof sheets with an elastic band for each of them. When choosing sheets, pay attention to the material, it should be only natural cotton and a breathable waterproof base.
  • One changing table with drawers and a changing mat.
  • One bucket with lockable lid for used diapers.
  • Two packs of diapers for newborns
  • One big box of napkins. It is very convenient to use wet wipes for the hygiene of babies, but be sure to be hypoallergenic and without perfume fragrances.

For swimming:

  • One bath with a net for newborns. The mesh will help keep the baby above the water and not wet the umbilical wound. And when the kids grow up, just remove the net and swim in a sitting position.
  • Four towels with a hood. 2 for each baby, so that there would be a replacement for the case of washing and drying.
  • Tab in the twin bath tub or two separate high chairs. You will not need them immediately, but as soon as the kids learn to sit, you can bathe the twins at the same time in a large bath and bring an element of the game to the bath.
  • Means for bathing babies, without tears.

For feeding:

  • Four bottles, two for each baby.
  • Pillow for feeding twins and a removable cover for it. Specially designed, it will help you breastfeed two babies at once without any discomfort.
  • Breast pump. Better with an electric motor. You can always leave milk in reserve and secure yourself if you do not immediately manage to establish lactation.
  • Packages with zip lock for storing and freezing breast milk. They are very convenient if you need to create a stock.
  • A brush and a special detergent for cleaning baby bottles.
  • Cream for mom’s breast care, preventing cracks and dryness. Consult your pregnancy doctor.

For sleep:

  • 12 diapers, 6 pieces of cotton and bike, for the first days of the life of infants, when they need tight swaddling.
  • Four diapers with Velcro. They will help to quickly swaddle the baby and provide him with softness and a comfortable sleep.
  • Four sleeping bags for babies. This invention is much more convenient and safer than blankets. In addition, rare babies like to sleep covered.
  • Four soothers. Not all children accept them, but it is better to have them at hand.
  • Video or radio nanny.

Clothing labeled 0-3 months:

  • 14 button body.
  • 8 body with sleeves.
  • 10 pajamas with buttons with closed legs.
  • 14 pairs of socks.
  • 4 caps for sleeping in the first days of life and after bathing

Necessary technical equipment:

  • Two car seats with marking from 0 years. They can also serve as a convenient carrying and universal chair (if children need to be fed outside the house).
  • Tandem stroller. Be sure to check the width of the elevator doors before buying (if you plan to put the stroller in the apartment) and compare it with the width of the wheelbase. This will save you from trouble in the future.
  • Swing for babies with a musical mobile or motion sickness function. Of course, it’s great to have two, but even some of them can greatly help you out, free your hands and time to care for one of the kids.


  • Children’s nail clippers. They are safer than scissors and greatly facilitate the process of cutting nails. By the way, an important and simple tip is that it’s easier for babies to cut their nails when they are deeply asleep.
  • Thermometer for water. It will help determine the optimal temperature for swimming.
    Nasal Aspirator It should be included in every first-aid kit of young parents. A stuffy nose in a baby is a disaster for everyone, since the baby still does not know how to breathe through its mouth.
  • Consult your healthcare provider about choosing an aspirator.
  • Nappy cream.
  • First-aid kit baby. It is better to consult a doctor about the composition of the first-aid kit, but first of all you will need funds for the treatment of the umbilical wound.
  • Cotton buds and cotton pads for daily hygiene of babies.

This is a fairly complete list of what, in our experience, you will need in the first stages of motherhood. Compare with your own list and add it if necessary. Being parents of two children at once is not easy, but it immediately brings a double portion of happiness.

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